Anu here! A food enthusiast and a veteran in the food industry. Me along with my friends who are well and deep lodged into the food industry, thought of starting up the  website.

At Food Gear we not only post reviews but also lots of recipes, Tip, Tricks and hacks which will not only give you the best value for money while taking the device but also will save a lot of time.

Why We Started This Website?

 Just like you many of our friends and family are in dire need of expert advice before they go out to but the next kitchen gear. We found that instead of helping them individually, why not start a website where I can upload the day to day issues they face and get those resolved.

This in turn will not only help them but also others with the same problems. So we started off, just like that. Wish us luck!

Our Motto:

We will strive hard to bring the best industry experts along with the knowledge we posses to help you sort through the best devices while you make a buying decision.

And it will be not limited to any particular device but we will focus on mostly all the devices used in the kitchen.

Help Us Improve Or Join Us:

We are new to online publishing and we need your help to survive. If you find any fault, do not wait mail us immediately we would be more than happy to listen to you.

If you want to join us, send us ideas or anything that relates to our website feel free to discuss with us. We are bunch of free minded people. You can use the Contact Page to drop us a mail anytime.

Stay In Touch:

Staying in touch is pretty important, so we have opened all the gates through social media. Choose any one you like be it either Facebook, GooglePlus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter or just even plain and simple Email.