Best Bread Maker Reviews- Freshly Baked Delicious Bread At Home

Written by Patricia Jones

I know several people who prefer bread as their staple diet. And even, the kids also love bread to meet their hunger on different occasions.

With the great taste of homemade bread with healthier recipes, one can make every morning- a very good morning for family members.

It means no more daily visits to the nearby bakery shops for purchasing bread. By using the best bread maker, you can easily make multigrain, fresh bread at the comfort of your home.

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Which Bread Maker Is Best?

After reading this post till the end, you get aware of the best bread maker machine that comes with several advanced features today.

Although you have utilized the old techniques of homemade bread using the oven and other methods, the best home bread maker makes the process fast, easy, convenient and effortless.

No more need for preparing dough by hand. Just add the ingredients into the baking pan and switch on the machine. It will automatically start preparing before baking the ingredients.

Undoubtedly, once you’ve had the taste of your own-prepared freshly baked bread (that smells the best), you won’t look for anything else.

So, just read on the top 7 bread maker reviews which I have picked from the list of 20 pieces that are readily available on the market.

Top 7 Best Bread Maker Reviews Of 2017

Go ahead and get accustomed to the fact of making bread at home using the best bread maker.

1) Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine

With the additional benefit of handpicked ingredients, this Oster 2-Pound Expressbake bread maker machine is the best rated bread maker. It bakes like a professional chef at home.Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine

This electric-operated machine makes up to 2-pound loaf within one hour time. You can cook with passion and get the pleasure of serving deliciously rich in taste, freshly prepared bread.

The significant features of Oster 2-Pound Expressbake bread maker-

  • Baking capacity of 2 lbs loaf is ideal for large families
  • 13 hours simple to set programmable baking delay
  • 12 bread settings for preparing a variety of homemade items
  • 3 crust setting for making dough, jam and bread
  • Easy to read LCD display highlights baking process
  • Comfortable control using menu buttons on the top
  • A small glass opening window on the lid cover for monitoring
  • Audible tone for adding mix-ins such as fruits and nuts at optimal time


This comes first in the list of the best bread maker machine reviews because of its sophisticated features.

With an array of advanced functionalities, it outperforms other machines available on the market.

Bread making becomes a piece of cake using this high-quality product. It is perfect for a family of 4 – 5 members (maximum).

Once you start the device, you can easily take control of the baking process by setting the mode. And, using glass opening, you can monitor the ingredients to bake up to the desired level.


The manufacturer not only builds this appliance with multiple features but also makes it durable. If the users maintain it properly and keep it clean, this will long last. It comes with a simple design that attracts the viewers.

Ease Of Use

Any novice user can take control over this automated machine by using the in-built buttons. No need for an initial training, if they read the instructions carefully printed on the booklet.

No hassles of setting up delay timer and no hassles of cleaning! It is one of the best bread maker machines and long lasting product available on the market.

Final Verdict

Searching of the best automatic bread maker is finally over! Just make the purchase of this Oster 2-Pound Expressbake bread maker machine and enrich the taste of morning breakfast, dinner and other diets (if required).

By mixing different ingredients, you can make an affair for healthy and delicious breakfast.

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2) Zorjirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker

Want to bake traditional rectangular-shaped bread? The Zorjirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme bread maker is perfect for you.

With its baking cycle of 2 hours, you can make bread without any troubles. The auto shut-off system makes the process much safer for novice users.Zorjirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker

Features of Zorjirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme

  • It comes with large baking system that can loaf up to 2 pounds
  • Auto shut-off system enhances the security level
  • Pre-programmed baking options for bread, cake and other staple food items
  • User-friendly LCD control panel eases the process
  • Nonstick baking pan supports in hassle-free cleaning
  • 13 hours delay timer for auto-start baking
  • 10 minutes backup power storage if light cuts off
  • 3 memory settings for fast baking operations


The Zorjirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme bread maker performs with high efficiency. It has a fast processing rate that ensures quick mealtime making without any troubles.

It simply makes your homemade bread delicious, tasty and mouthwatering every time. You can enjoy your treat with the addition of jam all year round.


Not all products can score high when they are reviewed for durability and longevity. But this bread maker machine is extremely durable when it is reviewed.

This is the reason that it takes second place in the list of the automatic bread maker reviews. It is having a price range of low triple digits in dollars.

Ease Of Use

Rectangular-shaped large baking pan is nonstick. It is pretty awesome to prepare bread, cake and other food items for a family of 4 -5 members with ease.

Nonstick pan is much simpler to clean and perform the operation without any hassles.

Final Verdict

When you are looking for the best bread maker, this Zorjirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme bread maker fits normal and busy lifestyle as well.

It comes with attractive design and a great product to change one’s entire lives. And, the best thing is that it worth the price tag.

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3) Zorjirushi BB-HAC 10 Home Bakery Bread Maker

Want to experience the pre-programmable bread making process? This 1 pound Zorjirushi BB-HAC 10 Home Bakery bread maker is only for you.Zorjirushi BB-HAC 10 Home Bakery Bread Maker

It comes with instructions guide and a manual booklet that let you know how to make bread and other food items such as cookie dough, fresh fruit jam, pasta dough and more.

Features of Zorjirushi Zorjirushi BB-HAC 10 Home Bakery Bread Maker

  • Multiple settings for preparing variety of food items
  • Large viewing window to monitor the baking process
  • Nonstick baking pan and kneading blade
  • Easy to carry handle for storage
  • 13 hours delay timer
  • Simple LCD control panel
  • Easy to prepare 1 pound loaf
  • Fast and convenient pre-programmed functions


It removes the everyday home bakery troubles with its high performance. You simply appreciate your choice once you try baking bread at home.

With many advanced technological features (such as delay timer and fast baking cycle), it influences the human lives to a great extent.

By using the manual booklet, any novice user can operate the device. With the help of recipe booklet, you can prepare your desired items seamlessly. Eventually, it is a wonderful device.


When you are expecting for the best bread maker, this product is durable enough to withstand very little shocks. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can enhance the life of the product to a great extent.

If you love to prepare cakes, breads and fruit jams, this is the ideal product. By paying a nominal amount, you can own this Zorjirushi BB-HAC 10 Home Bakery bread maker.

Ease Of Use

Are you worrying about cleaning and maintenance? Not to mention, this comes with nonstick kneading blade and baking pan.

After every use, you can easily clean the product to create another batch of food items in the comfort of your home.

By twisting the ingredients, you can prepare healthy food items on every use.

Final Verdict

Never say ‘NO’ to the best bread maker machine.

When you are running short with time, this is the ideal kitchen appliance for preparing multiple items at one go.

Having the Zorjirushi BB-HAC 10 Home Bakery bread maker in the kitchen adds many benefits to the owner. The best thing is that it is readily available on the market.

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4) Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker

With a stylish look and attractive design, this is the next best home bread maker available on the market. You not only bake breads but also prepare other food items such as sweet cake and pizza dough without any troubles.Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker

For the convenience of the users, it comes with an audible tone that indicates the time for adding the mix-ins such as nuts and fruits.

Apart from this, it features a power-failure backup that runs the device for the next 15 minutes with a bake-only option.

Features of Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection

  • Programmable baking operation for better results
  • 3 crust color options
  • It prepares 2 pounds loaf with 3 loaf size options
  • 16 preset menu functions
  • 12 hours delay start timer
  • Stainless steel made removable lid with polished chrome handle
  • Unique LCD display panel
  • Removable nonstick bread pan with handle


From the house Cuisinart, this is the best bread maker that comes with competent features. Its artisan dough option makes it easy to take control on baking long and slow cooking process.

With its superior features, it prepares unique texture and crust color. All these things make the Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection bread maker, the best performer.

It simply stands out from rest of the product with its top-notch performance and attractive look. The classic lines and embossed logo enhance its styling by a great extent.


Durability is another factor that makes it a superior product. It is made of up of stainless steel and poses great strength that lasts long.

The removable baking pan and kneading blade are also sturdy enough.

Ease Of Use

Once you are ready with the ingredients, you can make bread and cake by simply operating the menu options.

Nonstick baking pan is easy to clean. You can take control of the baking process by reducing the temperature from the menu options.

Or, set the delay start timer to make your staple diet at usual time without any troubles.

Final Verdict

When you are looking for an easy-to-operate bread maker, this is the ideal product. It comes with so many distinctive features that make many handful tasks.

Just set the appropriate function and monitor the operation using the glass window. You can create awesome textures of food items on every use.

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5) Panasonic SD YD250 Automatic Bread Dispenser

It’s worth keeping an eye on the Panasonic SD YD250 Automatic bread dispenser for breadmaking. It is fully tested and you can buy with confidence.Panasonic SD YD250 Automatic Bread Dispenser

A few things make it the best bread maker. Like, with 3 choices of loaf sizes, it is the ideal bread maker for modern families. The nonstick baking pan is easily removable that offers hassle-free cleaning on demand.

Features of Panasonic SD YD250 Automatic Bread Dispenser

  • It has the storage capacity of 2½ pounds loaf
  • Programmable menu options for making multigrain, whole wheat and more
  • It adds yeast at optimum time automatically
  • No hassles of removing finished bread from the pan
  • 4 different baking modes
  • Rapid baking feature makes it stand out
  • A beeper signal for notifying the addition of fruits and nuts
  • 13 hours delay start timer is sufficient enough for making staple meal on time
  • Appropriate LCD digital display with push-button control panel
  • Light to dark crust color options


This advanced bread making machine is outstanding for large families. It prepares wide varieties of bread, dough and jams without any troubles.

Apart from this, the price is nominal and affordable. In contrast, it is the best price Panasonic bread maker available on the market.


This Panasonic SD YD250 Automatic bread dispenser is incredibly designed to outperform all its counterparts with its durability. It won’t disappoint any of its users in terms of longevity.

To keep the device in the perfect functioning mode, it is advised to clean on regular basis.

Ease Of Use

Just need for setting up the device in the right location. It is simple to operate and make multiple varieties of staple food items.

By removing the baking pan, you can remove the baked bread and clean it.

Once you go through the manual booklet information, it won’t be a hard task to maintain the equipment.

Final Verdict

In terms of performance and durability, it scores high. The ease of use is another factor that increases the graph to the next level.

By using the recipe book, you can prepare healthy staple foods at the comfort of your home. It is the best bread maker that fits any kitchen.

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6) Cuisinart CBK-100 Bread Maker

Are you looking for a little stylish bread maker? Certainly, this Cuisinart CBK-100 bread maker is a great option. It looks sleeker and perfect for the modern family.Cuisinart CBK-100 Bread Maker

With its removable lid, it removes the hassles of pouring the baking pan. Once it is ready to bake bread, you can monitor the process from the viewing window.

It comes with measuring cup and measuring spoon for simple addition of ingredients. The sophisticated handle remains cool for safe handling (if required).

Features of Cuisinart CBK-100-LB Bread Maker

  • 2 pounds loaf is perfect for families of 4 – 5 members
  • 3 crust settings for preparing awesome texture of bread
  • 12 preprogrammed menu options for better controlling
  • 13 hours delay start timer for bread making on demand
  • Bake only option is available
  • Rapid bake option allows quick process
  • Beep signals the completion of baking cycle
  • Dishwasher safe, easily removable baking pan, paddle and cup
  • 15 minutes power backup during any disruption of energy supply


It doesn’t take more time to complete the baking cycle than other bread makers. It is definitely the best bread maker that comes with an array of features.

Obviously, this outperforms all other machines from all directions.

Whether you are a novice or professional user, there is no need for an initial training. Anyone can understand the working procedure by simply reading the manual booklet.


This product is from the house of Cuisinart. It is a new release incorporated with high quality patented materials. It can sustain load and work great for years without any hassles.

Also, the manufacturer has taken care of durability of materials to make the equipment the best in its class.

By paying a price of high double digits (in dollars), you can complete your kitchen. Evidently, it has gained a lot of popularity within quick times.

Ease Of Use

During power cut or disturbance in power supply, it maintains the baking cycle up to next 15 minutes.

The preprogrammed menu options, automatic operations and quick cleanup options altogether make the equipment suitable for any user.

You just need to add the ingredients in the baking pan, close the lid and start the machine. It completes the baking cycle to prepare the deliciously rich and healthy staple foods on demand.

No hassles of cleaning the dishwasher-safe items such as removable baking pan and paddle.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a quality product at low price, this is the ultimate bread maker readily available on the market. Eventually, you won’t regret your choice.

With its purchase, you have the full control on baking bread, cakes and other stable food items. Just choose the ingredients, twist it for better taste and maintain a good health.

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7) Sunbeam 5891 Programmable Bread Maker

Are you looking for a small bread maker? The Sunbeam 5891 Programmable bread maker is the ideal choice, build up with 12 menu options for preparing a variety of staple food bread maker

It is the user-friendly bread maker with 3 crust options of baking. You can select your desired option by using the push button integrated on the control panel.

Simply add ingredients to the baking pan, close the lid and turn on the device to start the baking cycle.

Features of Sunbeam 5891 Programmable Bread Maker

  • 13 hours delay timer setting
  • Large LCD display on the front-top for monitoring
  • Simple touch control panel for fast process
  • 12 cooking functions for making bread, cake, dough, jam and more
  • Storage capacity of 2 pounds loaf of bread
  • Removable nonstick baking pan


No need to get cheated with empty promises anymore! This Sunbeam 5891 Programmable bread maker is the supreme product for your kitchen.

With the memories of traditional bread making, you can create hassle-free staple foods at the comfort of your home. It is the best bread maker that keeps the promises and performs high.

You can carry out your operation without any restrictions.


To make this breadmaker durable, the manufacturer has picked the high quality materials. With proper care and maintenance, anyone can enjoy the services for a longer period of time.

Also, it is equipped with top-notch features for preparing desired staple food items.

Undoubtedly, its performance, durability and longevity altogether make it possible to list out in the top small bread maker reviews.

Ease Of Use

Since baking pan can be easily removed, there are no hassles of cleaning and maintaining the device. By using appropriate detergent or cleaning agent, you can hand-wash it.

For enjoying different flavors of bread, cake and jam, you can twist ingredients.

Or, you can use the recipe booklet for making tasty staple food. Definitely, it meets the appetite of the family members along with your kids.

Final Verdict

Unlike the other low price products that lack in quality and performance, this Sunbeam 5891 Programmable bread maker delicately makes healthy breakfast or dinner.

This is easy to use and easy to clean bread maker for any user.

It is the perfect value for money product available on the market. Novices won’t get disappointed with its purchase.

Bottom Line

Love to taste buttermilk bread or rich pasta or pizza? It is always easy and relatively uncomplicated to use any of these top bread makers in your kitchen.

I would advise to understand your needs carefully and consider the above-mentioned best bread maker reviews for your purpose.

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