Best Double Boiler Reviews – Prepare Delicate Foods With Ease

Written by Patricia Jones

We all learn from our previous mistakes!

In my case, I have learnt it in a hard way that you should never try to melt chocolates directly on the saucepan. And, I’m sure there are several individuals like me.

Won’t you agree?

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On searching, I found a kitchen cookware dedicated to this purpose.

No doubt, the best double boiler is the appropriate device for making sauces, melting chocolate and other delicate items. It cooks them without exposing them to direct heat.

In this post, I’ve come up with the top 7 double boiler reviews which are popular for reducing the chores of its users. For purchasing a single unit, you must read the next section.

Let’s start with the general information on the said boiler-

What Is A Double Boiler?

This is a helpful kitchen cookware with two separate pots.

A larger and taller pot is used for pouring water and the smaller pot is rested on the inner side-channels. It is placed directly above the large pot. So, the steam of boiling water can provide heat to the food items inside the smaller pot.

In this way, the contents receive heat, get cooked slowly and don’t leave any burnt surfaces.

Moreover, you won’t find any residues sticking to the side of the pot. No doubt, this is the ideal cookware for preparing egg-based sauces, custards, soups and more.

The Best Double Boiler Reviews Of 2018

Without providing the high-heat to the food items, the said boiler cooks food in a very dedicated way. And, this preserves essential nutrients of foods to a great extent.

When you have a concern about your family’s health, you must-have a high quality double boiler in your kitchen. Let’s start with the reviews of the top-rated unit in the next section-

1.Cuisinart MCP111-20N Double Boiler With Cover

The Cuisinart MCP111-20N Double Boiler comes with triple-ply stainless steel construction. No doubt, it is a durable product from the house of the reputed manufacturer.Cuisinart MCP111-20N Double Boiler With Cover
The handle is made up of cast stainless steel. And, it remains cool for safe handling on demand.

With its tapered rim, it makes the pouring of water drip-leak. When you are looking for 550o F oven safe cookware, this is the ideal unit.

Needless to say, it is a small double boiler. But it offers premium heat distribution for even cooking. This enhances the performance of the Cuisinart unit to the next level.

The manufacturer has provided it with a limited period lifetime warranty.

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2.All-Clad 42025 Dishwasher Safe Double Boiler

Want a 2-quart dishwasher safe unit? This All-Clad 42025 Boiler comes with 2 quarts saucepan and 1.5 quarts porcelain insert.
All-Clad 42025 Dishwasher Safe Double Boiler

The body is built up of 3-ply bonded durable stainless steel with aluminum core. This helps in providing the ideal heat to the content inside throughout the cooking process.

The cooking surface is highly polished. Thus, you won’t have to think about the reaction with food at any time. And, the cleaning process is also easy.

All these features make it suitable for up to 600o F oven heat. It is made in the USA and comes with limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


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3.Update International (SDB-08) Unit With Cover

Are you looking for a stainless steel double boiler with 8-quart capacity? Our best double boiler reviews find this Update International (SDB-08) Unit.
Update International (SDB-08) Unit With Cover
When you compare this product with other units, you discover that no other boilers can score high. It is a class unit from the house of the manufacturer.

Being designed from the top-class engineers, this unit comes with the perfect natural finish on its outer surface. You can even use it as a commercial double boiler for preparing food items.

With its attractive style and look, it catches the attention of its buyers. And; once purchased, you won’t regret your choice.


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4.Cuisinart FCT1113-18 Double Boiler Set

The Cuisinart FCT1113-18 is the 3-quart double boiler set up with saucepan and cover. On comparing with other market products, you find it the top quality unit.
Cuisinart FCT1113-18 Double Boiler Set
For the convenience of the users, it comes with stay-cool handle. Though it is made up of tri-ply stainless steel, you won’t find it difficult to operate.

Once you have cooked your food items, you can easily transfer it to another container. There will no signs of residues sticking on to the inner surface.

Are you thinking about its cleaning process? This unit is dishwasher-safe what makes it the best double boiler steamer for any kitchen.

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5.Farberware Classic Covered Double Boiler

If you are interested in purchasing a 2 quarts unit, you must go for Farberware Classic Covered boiler. It features stainless steel material for its build up. This provides even heating for perfect cooking advantages.
Farberware Classic Covered Double Boiler
The manufacturer has incorporated it with a classic touch of mirror finish. This definitely attracts the buyers for its purchasing.

If you consider the performance of this dishwasher-safe cookware, it scores high. It also holds a comfortable cool grip handle for confident grasping.

On comparing with other kitchenware, it combines style with technology. This is definitely going to meet the need of its buyers. It is up to 350o F oven safe.


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6.T-fal B13996 Double Boiler With Sturdy Handle

Do you need a nonstick cookware for melting chocolate, cheese and more? This T-fal B13996 Double Boiler comes with aluminum construction with a non-stick surface.
T-fal B13996 Double Boiler With Sturdy Handle
No doubt, this eases the process of cooking and also supports in cleaning. And, the boiler insert is made up of durable stainless steel.

The even heat base allows perfect heat distribution.

While cooking, you can make use of the secure grip handle on demand. It is 3 quarts dishwasher safe unit with a limited lifetime warranty.

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7.ExcelSteel 579 2.5-Quart Stainless Steel Unit

The ExcelSteel 579 2.5-Quart Stainless Steel unit is a versatile product. It comes in the affordable price range. And, this enables you to add a new cookware to your kitchen.
ExcelSteel 579 2.5-Quart Stainless Steel Unit
It is constructed of highly polished stainless steel material. It can make sauces, melt cheese and more. The best thing is that it features a tempered glass lid for monitoring the cooking process.

For the convenience of its users, it is built up with dishwasher safe material. No doubt, this makes it the best glass double boiler for the modern kitchen.

Once purchased, you won’t get disappointed at any point of time.

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Well, this is all about our best rated double boilers reviews. If you have read it thoroughly, there will be no more trouble in choosing the perfect one.

Apart from this, there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind for buying. Let’s check out those elements and make your purchasing much easier.-

What Are The Considerations For Choosing The Best Double Boiler?

On searching for this unit, my team found a list of five essential elements. Each of them is important for making an ideal buy for your kitchen.

Needless to say, you can even compare these elements with other units for choosing the right one. I’ve explained them in the next section-

  • Design And Build Up

As you already know, there are different brands of double boilers available on the market. Each of them is designed with different materials and possess specific features.

Starting from stainless steel construction to aluminum body, you can find a lightweight unit for cooking. Depending on your need, you can pick the boiler from the market.

  • Features

Not all products feature similar elements. Some units come with nonstick interior surface whereas other cookwares are dishwasher safe. You can also make a choice of its shape and size.

It is pretty straightforward to check the features of a double boiler as per your need.

  • Performance

When you want a kitchenware for melting chocolate, you must check out its performance. It helps you in making the cooking process trouble-free.

The performance of the cookware depends on various factors such as material used.

Some units can support up to 500o F heat inside the oven. With the proper approach, you can also find a unit that supports even heat distribution for cooking.

  • Ease Of Use

If you go with the nonstick double boiler, it eases the process of cleaning. You can even maintain them on demand.

It is always recommended to choose a unit that simplifies your cooking needs.

  • Price

The price of the double boiler varies as per its size, performance and features.  At first you have to jot down your need and budget, it is then possible to find the right product.


Apart from this, you have to check the brand name for buying it.

If you are looking for a substitute for the top quality double boiler, you can give a try to food steamer. It facilitates you to cook healthy and tasty food items.

How To Use A Double Boiler? – A Very Simple Way

As you already get to know, it uses steam for cooking delicate food items. (The term ‘delicate’ refers to the food that has a tendency to separate or seize over direct heat)

For cooking, you have to fill up to two inches of water in the larger pot. Put the food in the upper pot and close the lid.

Now, bring it over heat and simmer. Over time, there will be raising steam that will provide heat to the upper pot for cooking.

It supports in providing even heat to the content. And, it also prevents them from getting burnt.

For the ideal cooking of delicate foods, it is advised to check the lower pan periodically. If you find it is low in water, pour and bring it to heat again.


You must monitor the cooking process carefully such that you get the desired outcome.

Double Boiler Uses – Preparing Food Becomes Easy

On comparing with other kitchen cookware, this unit doesn’t stick to a single process. You can use a double boiler for various purposes. I’ve listed out the things that you can do using it-

  • Melt Chocolate/Cheese
  • Cook Egg-based Sabayon
  • Make Hollandaise Sauce
  • Prepare Custards
  • Reheat Food Items

This tells that it is a versatile product for any kitchen. With its use, you can also eliminate the problems of creating desert fillings, steaming vegetables and more.

Bottom Line

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that you have to stir the ingredients. In other words, your choice of food items defines whether you have to keep the lid open or close.

So, prepare your food using the best double boiler and enjoy your meal!

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