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In the modern age, the need for the best egg cooker like Cuisinart CEC is seemingly undeniable. It is not only a requisite that saves on time, but significantly diminishes physical effort as well. The ease of operating electronic devices certainly aids to a better functionality in the modern age.

One of the most prolific advantages of an automatic egg cooker is the fact that it helps to reduce the human effort and each time accounts for a consistent egg boil as well.

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It is easier to say that with aid from an egg cooker, getting the consistency of the egg yolk is a “piece of cake”. We all crave for the perfect consistency and the best egg cooker certainly aids in ensuring that our wishes are rendered with fulfillment.

The Benefits Of Eating A Boiled Egg:

Boiled eggs are among the most eccentric essentials for the human diet. They are vitally rich in protein and account for a complete die as well. In addition to the fact that it helps to reduce hunger, the boiled egg also tends to be extremely rich in fat.

The boiled egg also tends to be extremely rich in essential vitamins and calcium which aids in the protection of eye from premature visual defects and also imparts strength to the bones. Hard boiled eggs also keep the heart healthy and aids in proper heart muscle functioning as well.

Boiled eggs are rich in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats which are commonly abbreviated as MUFA and PUFA. One large perfectly boiled egg accounts for as much as 80 calories making them extremely beneficial for their calorific value as well.

Types Of Egg Cookers:

There are various types of the best egg boiler in the market and they are largely assorted by means of the texture that the person wants for the egg yolk. Some people have a preference for medium boiled eggs while some of them prefer hard boiled and soft boiled as well.

Depending on the typology, the best egg cooker can be categorized into:

  • Poached Egg Boilers: The best egg cooker for poaches are capable of making the poached within a matter of 20 minutes and with utter perfection. They render freedom from the hassle of having to make poached eggs in a pot with very little guarantee of perfection.
  • Conventional Egg Boiler: This type of the best egg cooker ensures that the person gets the perfectly boiled egg each and every time in terms of the texture. They account for the preparation of hard boiled, soft boiled and medium boiled eggs.
  • Scramble Egg Cookers: Scrambled eggs are among the most sought after delicacies and these types of egg cookers help to prepare the perfect scrambled eggs in no time. They tend to be fluffy and extremely appealing as well.

How Does Electric Egg Cookers Work?

The best egg cooker is essentially associated with the water heating philosophy that we conventionally use while cooking an egg. The only difference however tends to be the fact that it is electrically heated and the mechanism is supported by a timer which aids in the preparation of hard boiled, medium boiled and soft boiled eggs.

The best egg cooker also makes the use of steam cooking mechanism owing to the fact that steam generally has a higher temperature than that of boiling water. The basic mechanism starts with the submersion of the shelled eggs in electrically boiled water which is later cooked by the assisted timer till the designated time period.

Any of the best egg cooker are necessarily aided with a poaching tray and an omelette tray as well. The mechanism of operation in the best egg cooker is through induction of heat which evaporates the water within and makes up for a perfectly poached or fluffy omelette. Once the water has dried up, the machine automatically shuts itself down owing to an inbuilt timer gauge.

The Best Of Electric Egg Cooker Reviews:

The best egg cooker in the market essentially needs to be well equipped with all leading features such that the person is able to get a hold of the best cooking experience.

The egg cooker reviews are major guides towards ensuring that the person is able to make the perfect decision regarding the type of best egg cooker that they would want to make a use of at the end of the day.

1. Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker:

This egg cooker from Cuisinart has been long considered to be among the best electric egg boilers in the town. It is an egg cooker that aids in boiled eggs preparation, poached eggs and omelette preparation as well.

The significant features of the device include:

  • Cooking capacity of 10 eggs with various yolk texture settings ranging from hard boiled, soft boiled to medium boiled as well.
  • The device comes in with a “poaching tray” as well which is capable of making up to 4 poaches at a single go.
  • The device comes integrated with an omelette tray as well which can be used for the preparation of up to 3 omelettes at one go.
  • The egg cooker is made of stainless steel and aided with LED lighting for night-time operation and better visual appeal. It also features a standby mode and audible alert.
  • The built in cord-storage is an essential feature that helps to protect the cord from elements of nature and rodents as well.
  • A 180 ml measuring cup is provided along with the egg cooker so that the amount of water can be exactly calculated for the perfect boil.

Performance: The egg cooker reviews for the aforementioned model easily assure the fact that the performance of the machine is top end and certainly it is among the best egg cooker out there. With an array of features, the machine is able to outperform most of its present competition with relative ease.

Durability: Being made of stainless steel, the egg boiler renders a concrete outlook and proportionate designing which makes it extremely durable as well. With proper care these machines can be made to last for a very long period of time making it a forerunner among the array of best egg cooker.

Ease Of Use: It is a relatively easy to use egg cooker that comes in with an array of automated features. The aid of the measuring cup certainly makes it even easier for the conventional people to get acquainted with the device.

Final Verdict: It is a perfect device for anyone that seeks forth an easier replacement of manual labor induced while cooking an egg. It is a multitasking device that certainly makes every ordeal easier to cope up with.

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2. Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker:

One of the premier features of this egg cooker is the fact that it aids in the preparation of a dozen  deviled eggs within a matter of 10-minutes only. This device accounts for perfect eggs every time and can be visualized as one of the ideal requisites for the preparation of boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and poached eggs as well.

The eccentric features of the dash egg cooker include:

  • Counter of up to 6 boiled eggs with various consistencies like half boiled, hard boiled and medium boiled yolk.
  • 2 poached egg trays and 2 scramble egg trays for easier preparation of these delicacies.
  • An auto-shut option which ensures that the egg is never overcooked at any instant.
  • The non-electric parts of the egg cooker are dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned as well.
  • The device comes in with a one year manufacture warranty and a manual cook book and recipe book as well.

Performance: The egg cooker accounts for some of the best egg cooker reviews owing to the fact that it is easy to use and performs beyond natural comprehension. It accounts for lower electricity consumption and perfectly cooked eggs at every instant, making it a brilliant performer at the end of the day.

Durability: The durability of the product could be the only let-down of the device since the product is not made entirely of stainless steel and thus is prone damage by mishandling.

Ease Of Use: It is definitely among the easiest to use egg cookers owing to the fact that the person just needs to add the requisite volume of water with the measuring cup as par their need for yolk consistency and then turn the machine off. The machine shuts down automatically since it is tagged with an auto-off feature.

Final Verdict: It is certainly one of the best products in the market owing to the fact that it is equipped with a lot of automated features that make the cooking process an extremely easier one at the end of the day. It can be assured to be wonderful egg cooker in the market.

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3. Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker with Built-In Timer:

With this egg cooker at your disposal, each and every hassle similar to that of a daily clean-up of the breakfast mess would be distant past. Being automated and packed with features, this egg cooker is certainly among the best electric egg boiler in the town.

The features include:

  • The egg cooker holds a capacity of preparing 7 boiled eggs at one go. The eggs can be prepared in different textures like that of hard boiled, soft boiled and medium boiled as well.
  • A poach tray has been provided with the egg cooker which can be used to poach up to 3 eggs at a time.
  • A timer with an integrated alert tone has also been provided to aid with the process of cooking such that the egg does not get overcooked.
  • A water measuring cup for accurate volume measurement of water is provided along with the egg cooker. In addition to that an “egg piercing tool” is also provided.

Performance: In terms of performance the only glitch present with this model tends to be the lacking of scrambling feature. From the perspective of the best electric egg cooker or a good egg cooker, excluding this feature, the egg cooker performs beyond basic comprehension.

Durability: In terms of durability this electric egg cooker does score pretty high which is the only glitch in its way to become the best egg cooker. It has a series of positive reviews that ascend to the fact that the egg cooker is conventionally durable and perfectly suited for long term use as well, provided that it is handled with care.

Ease Of Use: Being automated and equipped with a timer, this egg cooker is surely extremely easy to operate. Making poaches on the poach tray is also a very easy affair owing to the presence of automated features and cooking timer.

Final Verdict:For the people looking forward to an easy way out of the daily breakfast mess on the cooking floor, this egg cooker could be just the perfect requisite. It is such a product that surely entices in a number of ways making it a great egg cooker.

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4. KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker With Water Level Indicator:

The egg cooker from KRUPS has been quite sought after owing to its functionality, ease of operation and contemporary looks. It has been receiving positive egg cookers reviews making it the standout performer in its own league.

The features of the krups egg cooker include:

  • A detachable egg holder or boiling tray has been provided which holds the capacity of cooking up to 7 eggs at once.
  • The egg boiler can be used for the preparation of poached eggs, omelette and boiled eggs has well. A person can prepare hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs as well as medium boiled eggs.
  • Individually assorted buttons have been provided for cooking and for keeping the egg warm after the conclusion of the cooking process.
  • The egg boiler comes with two poaching cum omelette trays for making poached eggs and omelettes as well.
  • A measuring cup with basic markings and the tool requisite for piercing the egg have been provided along with the egg cooker.

Performance: The egg boiler has been among the finest performers with lower electricity consumption and better performance output. The detachable cooking tray ensures that it can also be used for cooling the eggs under running tap water. In the section of hard boiled egg cooker reviews, this egg cooker has been receiving the best reviews from its customers.

Durability:The egg cooker scores pretty satisfactorily in terms of the durability test. However the detachable cooking tray can be a major fiasco if it is mishandled or physically abused in any form buy the handler. With proper care the egg cooker performs up to the requisite standards of perfection making it among the top egg cooker in market.

Ease Of Operation: The egg cooker is extremely easy to use owing to an array of splendid features. With aid from a detachable cooking tray, the eggs can be directly cooled off with no hassle. The “keep warm feature” is an added bonus since it helps to ensure that the egg stays warm for a long time even after the completion of the cooking process.

Final Verdict: With sleek looks and easy to operate features, this electric egg boiler can certainly be taken into consideration as it seemingly surpasses many of its competitors in quite a few aspects.

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5. VonShef 7- Egg Electric Cooker:

This stainless steel egg cooker is meant to ease the pressure of making the perfectly boiled eggs with the most accurately textured egg yolk. With aid from this egg cooker, everyday eggs will transcend into a masterpiece with very little to none breakfast clean-up.

The features include the following:

  • Stainless steel heating tops meant for the ease of operation. The heating top/pan can be cleaned as well owing to the fact that it is stainless steel.
  • The automated features include the timer, auto-turn off and overheat protection to keep the device and user safe from injuries.
  • The indicator light is present which remains active during the cooking process and turn off after the completion of cooking once the water within the cooking tray has all evaporated.

Performance: It is often designated as the best hard boiled egg cooker owing to an array if simplified features and eccentric ease of operation. The cooking time is under 20 minutes. There is absolutely no inconsistency in the yolk texture and no undercooking of the egg whites as well.

Durability: The durability of the egg cooker is yet another prospect that renders it with credit of being the best egg cooker out there. It features an elegant design and a sleek outlook that is rendered with impeccable strength owing to its completely stainless steel attire.

Ease Of Use: The egg cooker has been raking in the best egg boiler reviews over the time owing to the fact that it is a completely automated machine. All that you need to do is fill in the requisite volume of water and turn the machine on. It is extremely easy to operate and does not pose an fiasco no matter what be the situation.

Final Verdict: It is relatively a new entrant in the market and was launched around 2014. Over the years this egg cooker has been gaining on popularity which certainly makes it the foremost competitor and a must buy for all.

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6. Elite Cuisine EGC-007B Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker:

This egg cooker is a brilliant requisite that provides for an escapade off the daily hassle of having to cook the breakfast eggs without any guarantee of the right consistency. This egg cooker is a clean and no-mess alternative to your everyday breakfast hassles.

The features that make this egg cooker a fascinating model tend to be as follows:

  • A cooking capacity of up to 7 hard boiled, soft boiled and medium boiled eggs.
  • Auto switch-off feature has also been incorporated with a built in timer for the perfect automated cooking experience.
  • The measuring cup also features firmness markings such that the egg can be cooked with accurate consistency each and every time.
  • A piercing pin has been provided at the bottom of the measuring cup which ensures that the egg does not unnecessarily crack and that a mess out of the machine can be avoided.
  • The indicator light glows during the entire cooking process and shut down once all the water has evaporated after the end of the cooking process.
  • An omelette tray has been provided alongside a poach tray where two poaches can be made at once.
  • The removable egg tray also helps in cooling the eggs under running water with relative ease of use.

Performance: Being among the top egg cooking device out there, it is also heavily accredited in terms of the performance. The egg cooker accounts for consistent cooking at every stage and can be easily operated as well. The cooking time is efficient as it under 20 minutes in every case.

Durability: The egg cooker is fairly durable owing to the high density material in use. The egg tray should however be handles with care as it is not made from stainless steel and thus tends to be prone to easy damage.

Ease Of Use: It is among the easiest electric egg boiler to use since it is completely automatic and can be operated with the touch of a button. It is fully automated and automatically ceases cooking once the water has evaporated completely.

Verdict: If an egg cookers comparison was to be made then this would be a seemingly forerunner in its own niche. Owing to its absolute ease of use and significant array of modern features, it is one such egg boiler that cannot be overlooked at any instant at all. The most important aspect however tends to be the consistency of the egg boiler.

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7. HOMEIMAGE Electric 7 Egg Boiler:

Delivering the most consistent boiled eggs over a long period of time can be surely a major ordeal. However, with aid from electric egg cookers, this problem can be easily resolved owing to their impeccable capabilities of rendering the most perfect boiled and poached eggs every time.

The features contributing to the efficiency of this egg boiler are as follows:

  • Up to 7 eggs can be cooked at a time with relative ease.
  • The base of the cooker is made out of stainless steel such that it can be easily cleaned and hand-washed without having had to worry about a dime in any case.
  • The surface is non-stick which ensures that there is not sticky mess at the end of the day.
  • An egg poaching tray as well as a water level indicator have been provided along with the product for better cooking aids.
  • The cooking time is under 6 minutes which is of the highest order in any case.

Performance: The performance of the egg cooker can be easily designated with the egg steamer reviews that the model has been able to acquire over the years. With a cooking time of below 6 minutes, there is absolutely no question regarding the efficiency of the machine and the ease of operation as well.

Durability: the product is fairly durable though it is not made entirely out of stainless steel. The top cover needs to be handled with precaution. Overall the egg boiler would score quite decently on a durability test.

Ease Of Operation: The egg cooker is simply the easiest to use owing to its essentially one-key operation mechanism. Aided with self-stop, the user can be assured of the fact that there is no overcooking or any need to drain the excess water. The measuring cup allows the exact volume of water to be used for the best cooking results.

Final Verdict: As a replacement for the traditional cooking method, this hard boiled egg cooker certainly is the best one available since it is tactically infused with an array of simplified yet eccentric features. The relatively lower cooking time surely aids in faster cooking with absolutely no messy outcome.

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An Edge Over Conventional Methodology:

The consistency of the egg yolk is one of the most difficult aspects. Manual cooking has very little guarantee that the desired consistency would be earned every time. Through a timer aided process the best egg cooker is able to account for the desired consistency every time.

While the mechanical cooking methodologies being out-dated and quite messy at the same time, it would be ideal to transcend to modern techniques which include the aspects of the best egg cooker. The modern day best egg cooking device is certainly the ideal and most efficient replacement in this case which lays a comprehensive effect on our cooking ideologies.


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