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Best electric can opener
Written by Robert

We all want to reduce our efforts in every possible way!

You already know the problems with the manual can openers and its complexities. It requires quite a bit of effort for opening a canned food item.

If you have multiple cans, it increases your troubles. With the purchase of the best electric can opener, you can give relaxation to your hand and wrist.

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In My Case-

Interestingly, one of my friends gifted the top rated electric can opener to my grandma.

According to her, it’s really a worthy inclusion to open canned foods and bottles when no one stays at home. I also tried it once and trust me there is no need to put wrist strength at all.

This gave me the idea to come up with this post on the best can opener for your family.

Whether you want not to over stress your hand or let your grandma enjoy a can of baked beans for breakfast all by herself, you should go ahead and get a great quality electric can opener.

The Best Electric Can Opener Reviews Of 2018

During my research, I found that my grandma was gifted one of the best rated electric can openers available on the market.

For your convenience, I checked out other nine different similar products. And, I’ve listed out the top seven electric can opener reviews for you.

No doubt, these devices will lead you to get faster results without producing any strain on your injured hand or wrist. Let’s start with the best can opener 2018 model in the next section-

1.Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener

Are you looking for an easy push down lever opener for regular cans? Buy this Hamilton Beach 76606ZA product and show your smartness.

This is an excellent tool with multi functional capabilities. The best thing is that it provides mess-free easy cuts with its sharp blade.Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener


  • It incorporates ergonomically designed touch button
  • Sleek chrome look makes it attractive


Unlike other models, you won’t face the problems of sharp-lid edges. With its use, you can cut cans along its sides with smooth and touchable edges of the lid.

No doubt, this tells how much efficient the Hamilton Beach 76606ZA model is.


Not all products function like this can opener.

The material of the blade is high-quality for opening both pop-top and regular cans. This makes it the heavy duty electric can opener for your home kitchen.

Ease Of Use

Never used a can opener before! No worries at all, you can take the guidance by reading the user manual for operating this smooth edge electric can opener.

The thing is one-touch button can solve your purpose. When you are searching for the best electric can opener for your countertops, it is the ideal unit.

Final Verdict

The manufacturer has made the can opening process convenience for every busy kitchen. It requires no effort to open your canned item. It is an easy to use product for a quick meal.

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2.Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

The Cuisinart Deluxe Electric can opener ratings make its place second on our list. It comes with a highly durable blade that can open any standard size cans.

On comparing with other models, it is an extra-wide opener. With its use, you can definitely reduce your chores in the kitchen.Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener


  • Brushed stainless steel build up
  • Blade comes with ‘Precision Cut’ technology


The salient feature of this canned food opening device makes it popular on the market. It is a standalone unit with easy to push lever.

For opening any canned item, just press and release the lever. And, it’s done!


The entire unit comes with brushed stainless steel material. No doubt, it looks sturdy. It is a tough opener that can be used for multiple operations.

For the convenience of its users, the manufacturer has incorporated highly durable blade. This provides precision in each and every cut.

Ease Of Use

Want a heavy-duty countertop unit? This Cuisinart device comes with a solid base that prevents sliding and eases the process.

Do you have a concern about its cleaning? It has a removable arm with attached magnetic lid holder. This makes the cutting and cleaning process much easier.

Final Verdict

When you want to reduce your effort to zero, it is the best electric can opener. And the features make it one of the must-have devices for your purpose.

For opening canned food items, place it on the countertop. Keep the can closer to the blade, press the button and it’s done!

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3.Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener

Do you want to automate the process of jar opening? This is possible with the purchase of this Hamilton Beach product.

Our automatic can opener reviews found that there is no comparison of this unit. You just need to place it on the top of the jar and press engage button.Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener

Once you’re done, press ‘Open Jar’ button on this one touch automatic can opener. It will do your task in an appropriate way.


  • Open any type of jar lid
  • Battery-operated unit includes 2 AA battery
  • Effortless push button for opening lids


If you purchase this Hamilton Beach product, you have made a wise decision.

On comparing with other products, it engages the lid perfectly. And, a simple push button does the rest. It is a compact unit that can be stored in cabinet or drawer.


Being a product from the house of Hamilton Beach, there is no need to worry about its material. The manufacturer has incorporated highly durable substance for its build up.

With proper use, you can enjoy its service for a long time. To obtain the desired results, you must read instructions carefully. No doubt, it is the best cordless can opener for kitchen use.

Ease Of Use

Do you use a wide variety of jars? No need to be bothered about, this can opener can fit any-size jar. Place it on the top of the lid and press engage button. It will take care of the rest.

If you go through the user guide, there will be no issues of cleaning this best handheld electric can opener.

Final Verdict

On reviewing the can openers, our experts suggest that it is the best small electric can opener. If you want to buy such a model, then don’t lose this opportunity.

The thing is that you have to pay only within the price range of low to mid double-digits. This is the must-have automatic can opener for arthritis and other hand problems.

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4.Hamilton Beach 76388R Electric Can Opener

The Hamilton Beach 76388R opener can cut standard size as well as tall cans with its blade. It holds heavy-duty metal cutter that boosts its performance.

No more need for putting effort or twist your wrist for a cut! Buy this unit and get your job done within a matter of seconds.Hamilton Beach 76388R Electric Can Opener


  • Removable die-cast metal cutter has been used
  • Cutter is dishwasher safe


If you want to enjoy your canned food, no need to put effort. Take it out, make use of the opener and have a great meal with family & friends.

With its purchase, you simply remove your burden of cutting metals manually. It is a professional unit with stainless Classic red color scheme.


Being a Hamilton Beach product, the unit holds high-grade die-cast metal cutter. This makes it robust, durable and strong enough to cut metals on demand.

When you are looking for the best electric can opener, this is the ideal choice for your kitchen.

Ease Of Use

It incorporates a sophisticated push button to enable the cut on can lids. Press it and release your finger! You get your desired results.

If you are one of the first-time buyers, you must go with the user manual guide. Once you read it thoroughly, there will be no more hesitations.

Suppose you want to clean the cutter. You can easily disassemble and remove it. Now, wash it properly, wipe it and assemble it again.

Final Verdict

The manufacturer has engineered the product with their intelligence to meet the demand of their customers. This has made it possible to satisfy them.

With thousands of ever-increasing customers, this unit registers its name to the best electric can opener list. You can buy it without having a second thought in mind.

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5.Sokos 3-In-1 Bottle Opener

When you want to add bonus to your kitchen, this Sokos product is the ideal choice. It comes with 3-In-1 functions for the best result.

With a single unit in your kitchen, you can open bottles, cans and sharp knives. All-in-all, our review finds it the Chef’s Best Choice unit.Sokos 3-In-1 Bottle Opener


  • It fits any size can within seconds
  • It comes with detachable cutting head


Managing the difficult tasks of cutting canned food items now becomes a piece of cake. The Sokos 3-In-1 Bottle Opener will reduce all your efforts to zero.

With this high-performance, it outperforms all the counterparts in its class. The best thing is there’ll be no troubles of sharp edges once you cut cans.


It is a 2017 new release product but has gained so much popularity within less time. This is because of its high-performing durable cutters. It eases your daily kitchen tasks.

Apart from this, knife sharper and other parts are also built up with durable material. No doubt, you won’t get disappointed with its purchase.

Ease Of Use

Starting from its cutting advantages to sharpening knives, you get the most out of a single unit.

A thorough read of the user manual can solve your purpose. Unlike other models of can openers, you get the support of easy cord storage on its back.

Final Verdict

On comparing with other kitchen tools, it requires no manual labor. This 3-in-1 unit is the versatile addition to remove your chores.

Want to enjoy its service for years? It has a removable cutting head. This makes it possible to easily clean and maintain them.

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6.BLACK+DECKER CO100B Can Opener

Are you willing to shift your tedious job of opening canned food items? Buy this BLACK+DECKER CO100B can opener by paying at least low double-digits. And, it’ll do all your work.

Being a product from the house of reputed manufacturer, it is a versatile unit. This comes with a multitude of advantages and serves a number of things.BLACK+DECKER CO100B Can Opener

Let’s find out all in the next section-


  • Multiple tools for bag cutting, bottle opening and knife sharpening
  • It has auto shutoff function


While reviewing, our team found that it is one of the under cabinet electric can openers for any kitchen. It enhances your reach of storing the unit and cutting canned foods on demand.

When you want to save storage space, it is the best electric can opener. With its performance, you can do a number of tasks within a matter of minutes.


For the convenience of the buyers, this unit comes with power pierce cutter. With this inclusion, the cutting process has been improved. And, the best thing is that it holds durable material for its construction.

Apart from this, other parts are also durable and long-lasting for convenient use.

Ease Of Use

To decorate your kitchen by utilizing the unused space, it is the must-have under counter can opener. It features an auto-shut off function when it’s not in use.

The manufacturer has provided it with a long power cable. If you want to store the extra length for avoiding clutter, you can keep it safely on the back.

Final Verdict

This BLACK+DECKER CO100B unit is one of the reliable under the cabinet can openers available on the market. When you want such devices, never look for its substitute.

It comes in a sleek design with attractive build up. If you add it to your kitchen, it definitely enhances the beauty to the next level.

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7.Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Can Opener

Are you planning on buying the best can opener? This Proctor Silex Plus 76370P unit opens canned food items on its first try without any effort.

It has a powerful cutting blade that cuts the metal brilliantly. It is one of the ideal countertop units for your home and kitchen purposes.Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Can Opener


  • Cutting lever is detachable
  • It includes knife sharpener


On comparing with other models, it is a tall opener that delivers your work quickly. With its use, you can open canned products in one-smooth rotation.

Once it finished the rotation, the lid will remain attached to the magnetic holder. Thus, it avoids creating a mess and makes it the best electric can opener for any kitchen.


For cutting metal cans ideally, it holds the highly durable cutting tool. It enables you to cut on demand. After multiple uses, you won’t find any signs of breakage or cracks on the blade.

Ease Of Use

Are you one of the first-time buyers? There is no need to worry about its usability and cleaning process. Everything is simple and straightforward!

To make it more convenient, you can use the cord storage space. It becomes less messy and more effective for storage.

Final Verdict

When your aim is to reduce the effort of opening cans, you must go with this Proctor Silex Plus 76370P unit. Once purchased, you definitely get satisfied with its performance.

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Bottom Line

I know my friend’s mom has suggested me the ideal item for opening canned foods.

If you have problems with hand or want to reduce kitchen chores, you must go with the buy of the best electric can opener.

And, prior to that, don’t forget to read the reviews here. It’ll help you in finding the ideal one for your purpose.

Want more details and suggestions? You must comment your query on the below box!

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