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You cannot deny the role of the best food dehydrator in increasing the shelf life of your food.

Since the ancient era, food dehydrators have been used to keep the food stored for a longer period of time just after the harvest. At that time solar energy and biofuel were largely used to remove the moisture from the foods, but now the procedure has become more professional and user-friendly.

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How Does Food Dehydrator Work?

Heaters and fans powered by electricity are now incorporated in the food dehydrators which successfully remove the moisture from the food. This is the optimum way to decrease the growth of bacteria and pathogens in the food and store it for a longer period.

The best food dehydrator has the ability to distribute the heat evenly over the foods so that each of them can be dried properly, as the too high temperature can make the food harden from the outside. But in the inside, the moisture will still remain. Hence, it will be a recipe for disaster.

As a reason for that, I always encourage buyers to buy the best dehydrators on the market. If you are also planning to have a food dehydrator for yourself then on the basis of durability and working efficiency, I have reviewed the best 7 food dehydrators on the market.

Make sure, to read all the best Food dehydrator reviews carefully to suit your needs.

Best Food Dehydrator Reviews – Top 7 Pick Of 2018

Food dehydrators are a great addition to the kitchen. We have several posts on the same of using the devices effectively.

1.Excalibur 3926TB – Top Food Dehydrator For Heavy Use

If you are complaining about not finding a suitable food dehydrator that has a larger capacity to hold food yet can evenly dry them. So that each of the foods is efficiently dried without being ruined then stop complaining as I have reviewed the best food dehydrator on the market right now.

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, BlackThe Excalibur 3926TB is all set to give you the best experience of food drying with its advanced technology. It has 9 trays which will provide you a total of 15 square feet of drying space hence best for drying a lot of food.

This is not all, the rest you will come to know from its features.


Check out the features of this food dehydrator and compare with its other counterparts. I am sure you will be able to spot the huge difference.

  • The 9 trays provide you with an approximate of 15 square feet of drying space.
  • This unit is made in the United States and has 26 hours timer incorporated.
  • No need to rotate the food or tray during dehydration as the 7 inch fan is absolutely capable of distributing the air evenly, evidently, it is the best food dehydrator for uniform drying.
  • The heater runs on 600 watts and allows you to adjust the temperature from 105 F to 165 F.
  • If you want you can easily remove the trays to dehydrate bulky items.
  • The included flexible poly-screen tray prevents food from sticking.
  • The dimensions of the unit are 12-1/2 x 17 x 19 inches.


The Excalibur Hyperwave Fluctuation technology maintains the food temperature low enough in order to keep the enzymes active. But at the same time, the air temperature stays high enough to suck all the moisture out of the food. Successfully restricts your food from forming yeast, mold, and pathogens, hence this is the best dehydrator for raw food available.


The dehydrator is made of sturdier plastic, which is treated in such a way so that the users can use the product for a longer period. And even after such tremendous temperature fluctuation, it will remain as it is, hence the best product to invest on.

Ease Of Use:

Unlike cheap dehydrators, this dehydrator does not produce constant unchanging heat that causes the food to be hardened. Clearly, it is the best food dehydrator for raw food diet as you will have the access to safe raw fruits and vegetables for a longer period.

Cool air is drawn inside this dehydrator and heated, then distributed evenly over the trays. As the patented parallex horizontal airflow will give you the extreme ease of use. And it will also restrict your food from ruining because of moisture locking in the inside and hardening the food from the outside.

If you have this device in store, then probably in the future you might think of making various meat jerky with it. And I must inform you, that to make a delicious jerky, the heating inside of the dehydrator needs to be even, which is why this is the best food dehydrator for beef jerky because of its uniform heating.

Last Verdict:

The Excalibur 3926TB food dehydrator is both available in dark and white. You can pick any of them but efficiency, durability, and effectiveness will be same for the both. So, having this dehydrator will definitely change the quality of your life, hence a worth buying product.

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2. Nesco FD-1040 Gardenmaster Top Rated Food Dehydrator For Home

What if you need to wake up in the middle of the night to switch off your food dehydrator? It is pathetic indeed. So, the most suitable food dehydrator that you can get for you is the one which has a digital timer. With the help of the timer the dehydrator will automatically shut it down and in the morning you will get evenly dried food.

Nesco FD-1040 Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator, White, 1000-wattThis is how Nesco FD-1040 works and trust me, you will not be willing to stop using it, once you experience its working efficiency. It’s huge and effective. The best part is, you can expand the dehydrator up to 20 plates and the heat will be adjusted accordingly without bothering you.


I know, you will not believe me, until I show you the proof. Actually, I have proofs. Just take a look at its plethora of features to get the idea of its effectiveness.

  • The dehydrator has a 1000 watts of drying power.
  • It is incorporated with a programmable Digital timer to give the users enough freedom in switching on the dryer and forget about it.
  • The motor works quietly at the speed of 2400 RPM and the size of the fan is 4.5 inches which altogether provides enough air to dry the food properly.
  • The adjustable thermostat helps you to control the temperature of the drying from 90 to 160 degree F as different foods need different heating.
  • You can add trays up to 20 and each of the trays is of 15 ½ inches in diameter.
  • The no spill fruit roll sheet is included in the pack which is suitable for drying semi-liquids like soups, sauces, fruit rolls etc.
  • The Clean-A-Screen is flexible and allows easy and suitable drying of small food items like herbs, spices, and potpourri.
  • With this best Nesco food dehydrator, you will also get a Jerky Spice Packet and Cure to make delicious jerky at home.
  • The dimensions of the product are 15.5 x 15.5 x 9.5 inches.


The patented Converg-a-Flow of this food dehydrator forces the hot air to go down the exterior pressurized chamber. And then the air horizontally flows across each of the trays, converging in the center so that the users can get fast, even and nutritious drying.

The Vita-Save opaque exterior is designed strategically to block harmful light to retain more of the food’s nutrients and vitamins during the drying process. Clearly, the 1000 watts of drying power will provide you with the best performance.


The made in USA outer housing is manufactured of solid plastic that provides you with the extreme durability as even after continuous heating inside, the plastic remains the same.

Ease Of Use:

Needless to rotate the food or the tray to get even heating as the system is absolutely capable of doing that. Also, the digital timer will allow you to dry the food whenever you want.

The 1000 watt heater will take few hours to dry your foods. Fruit rolls will take 3 – 6 hrs, beef jerky – 4 hours, bananas – 5–8 hrs, apples – 4–6 hrs and pineapples will take 4–6 hrs. Also, no matter how many trays you include, the temperature will be adjusted accordingly for even heating.

Last Verdict:

This is the best food dehydrator for meat and vegetables that run on a digital timer. Also, it has an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature of drying so clearly you can get your preferred temperature accordingly.

The best part is, it can be expanded up to 20 plates and has the drying power of 1000 watt. Overall, this product is perfectly designed and equipped with essential features to give you the best drying experience.

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3. Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro – Top Of The Line Food Dehydrator For Family Use

This best dehydrator is one of the newest editions in the NESCO/American Harvest product line. It has gained a huge popularity among the users because of its new patent converge-a-flow technology, the 700 watts of drying power, and the super speed fan that allows even drying.

Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, WhiteIf you are one of those buyers who never get a satisfying model of food dehydrator on the market or you are just trying your luck for the first time, I will ask you to take a plunge on this item as it is one of the best affordable food dehydrators right now that you can have.


Although I have revealed some of the best features in the intro but hang on there are more –

  • The adjustable thermostat incorporated in this top food dehydrator allows the user to dry different foods at a different temperature allowing in the range of 95 degrees F to 160 degrees F.
  • The powerful fan mounted on the top generates huge speed and has 700 watts of drying power that allows the superior quality of dehydrating vegetables, fruits, and meats.
  • This device dries raw food in hours, not in days, unlike cheap dehydrators hence the best raw food dehydrator.
  • This expandable unit comes with 5 trays but can be used up to 12 trays with the optional Add-A-Trays technology.
  • The plastic made housing with the opaque Vita-save exterior blocks any harmful light from penetrating inside that can destroy the nutritional content of the food.
  • The package includes a recipe book, 2 solid sheets, 2 mesh sheets and 3 jerky spice packets.
  • The product ships in Certified Frustration-free packaging.
  • The dimensions of this best dehydrator are 13 x 13 x 10 inch.


The unique design of the patented Converge-a-Flow system of this unit gives the food an even drying from top to bottom. It also distributes the heated air evenly without the need of rotating the food or the trays.

Clearly, it is the best value food dehydrator that you can have. The 700 watts of drying power also allows the user to make dried foods in hours, not in days.


The entire housing of this unit is made of superior quality plastic that is proven to be tougher than any other cheap models on the market. Even after such huge temperature turmoil both inside and outside the plastic holds its quality well.

So if you have this best dehydrator unit then durability, obviously is the last thing that you need to worry about. Also, in case if you want to make meat jerky, then you will need a durable housing, as without that the heating will be uneven, hence this is definitely the best food dehydrator for jerky.

Ease Of Use:

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced level user of these units, there is no doubt in the fact that with the NESCO/American Harvest best rated food dehydrators, you will enjoy every bit of the process.

As, with these dehydrators, making delicious beef jerky, turkey jerky, fish jerky, venison jerky, trail mix, apple snacks, homemade yogurt, banana chips, dried tomatoes, and other dried vegetables becomes easier.

Last Verdict:

Most of the people I meet, ask me the same question again and again, ‘what is the best food dehydrator on the market that can dry in hours?’ Well then here’s my answer.

Unlike cheap models of dehydrators, this best food dehydrator does it in few hours. You can totally rely on it and use it to dry literally any food item, so what are you waiting for?

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4. Nesco FD-80A Square-Shaped Best Rated For Small Families

Is there anyone who will not cherish a food dehydrator that will work at a faster speed? Well, Nesco has understood the fact that time is the essence of life. It has made the most efficient food dehydrators which are best rated by the users because of the drying speed and quality.

Nesco FD-80A Square-Shaped DehydratorThe FD-80A from Nesco is absolutely not an alternative, as it is equipped with three powerful technologies that allow faster and even drying of food.


The unit has the below features:

  • The top-mounted fan in this unit generates air flow at a super speed so that drying becomes evener.
  • The new patent converge-a-flow technology allows the air to be circulated in a balanced way on all over the trays.
  • This best food dehydrator is equipped with 700 watts of drying power.
  • Very easy-to-use dehydrator with dishwasher safe parts.
  • The instruction manual incorporated with this pack will help you with the detailing of usages.
  • The adjustable thermostat provides you with the suitability of customizing the temperature of drying for separate foods. It ranges from 95 degrees F to 155 degrees F.
  • The product ships in certified frustration-free packaging.
  • The dimensions of this best food dehydrator are 14 ½ x 14 ½ x 19 5/8 inches.


The accumulative performance of the unique air-circulation system, top-mounted fan and patented converge-a-flow action pressurizes the heated air to the downwards through the outer ring. Then it flows horizontally across each tray, converging at the center. As a result of which the food dries in hours and evenly without the need of rotating the plates.


The outer housing of this best inexpensive food dehydrator is made of sturdier plastic that allows the user a durable usage of the unit.

Ease Of Use:

The simple control knob of the thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature between 95 – 155 degrees F to ensure appropriate drying temperature for separate foods. Also, the motor housing and the printed guidelines help in the proper determination of the correct setting for the thermostat.

A bale handle included to remove the power head and the parts of this one of the best food dehydrators are dishwasher safe. Hence you can enjoy superior user-friendliness.

Last Verdict:

I really don’t think, that I have to say much. The features, performance, durability and user-friendliness of this unit have already proven the fact that this is the best food dehydrator for the money, so I am definitely going to recommend it to everyone who wants such a unit.

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5. Nesco FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Best Food Dehydrator Kit

Now make all your snacks at home with the help of this all in one food dehydrator with a jerky gun from Nesco at an affordable price. Trust me, with the patent air-flow technology you will get a superior drying quality at faster speed.

Nesco FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator All-In-One Kit with Jerky GunThe top-mounted super speedy fan makes drying more fun as it eliminates any chances of liquid dripping on the heating chamber hence a worth having food dehydrator indeed.


This Unit from Nesco is the best cheap food dehydrator on the market that you can get with so many useful features.

  • It has a sleek and contemporary design that will match with your interior kitchen decoration.
  • The 500 watts of drying power and the proper circulation of air eliminates the chances of liquid dripping into the heating chamber.
  • The package includes 5 trays, 2 fruit roll sheets, 5 jerky spices and cures, 2 clean-a-screens, a recipe book and a jerky gun with 3 tips. Hence we can consider this as the best home food dehydrator as it comes with all the essential stuff to dry foods in hours.
  • The adjustable thermostat allows the user to set the temperature accordingly with the food type.
  • Except for the power head, all of the parts of the unit are dishwasher safe.
  • The dimensions of the dehydrator are 13 x 11 x 13 inches.


Like all the above reviewed Nesco products, this unit also has the converge-a-flow technology to distribute even heating. The 500 watts of drying power completes drying the food faster than any other cheap or even the best small food dehydrator on the market. Although it can compete with the former hand-to-hand.


The highly durable plastic made housing of this best dehydrator is enough to give you years long dehydrating experience without any recess. Hence this is the most suitable food dehydrator to have.

Ease Of Use:

This all-in-one kit has everything in it to increase the suitability of the usage. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level user the adjustable thermostat will definitely make your drying easy. The dishwasher safe parts will also let you clean this unit effortlessly.

Last Verdict:

The FD-61WHC unit from Nesco undoubtedly is one of the best food dehydrators on the market that you can buy at an affordable rate yet has all the useful features. These will help any beginner or advanced level user to dry fruits, vegetables, and meats with ease and speed. Evidently, it is a worth buying kit.

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6. Nesco FD-37A American Harvest 400-watt Best Food Dehydrator For Moderate Use

The Nesco FD-37A is one of the easy to use food dehydrators on the market so if you are a beginner then, this unit can be the best buying choice for you. Although advanced level users can have this too if they are needing any upgrade from the previous ones.

Nesco FD-37A American Harvest Food Dehydrator, White, 400-wattIf you haven’t yet used a food dehydrator from Nesco then I will definitely suggest you to start with this best food dehydrator unit as it will be a great investment in terms of performance, durability, and easiness of use.


This model has the below features:

  • The fan mounted on the top of the unit forces radial airflow so that the foods get evenly dried without any need of rotating the trays or foods.
  • The 400 watts of drying power ensures faster speed to dry foods in hours.
  • The clear top of this one of the best food dehydrators allows the user to monitor the food while the dehydration process is going on.
  • All of the components, except the power head, are dishwasher safe.
  • The product ships in frustration-free packaging.
  • The dimensions of the product are 14.1 x 9.2 x 14.2 inches.


When it comes to the performance the super speed of the fan forced air flow makes the drying even from top to bottom. And within hours, your drying task will be accomplished, unlike cheap dehydrators that take days. The 400 watts drying power is another example of the unit’s efficient performance hence the best food dehydrator indeed.


Made with sturdy plastic this unit is absolutely durable hence a great buying decision for any beginner or upgrade seeker. Also, despite such temperature fluctuation inside and outside, the material of this unit has the ability to retain its quality. So we can definitely consider it as the best food dehydrator.

Ease of Use:

This expandable unit comes with four trays but can be extended up to 7 trays. Clearly, it will help you to dry a large amount of food at a time. Also, the thermostat is preset at a temperature of 160 degrees F so no need to do guesswork while drying fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Last Verdict:

This is indeed a great product available at such a cheap price yet packed with useful features. So, I will definitely recommend this product to you if you are on a limited budget.

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7. Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Top Rated Food Dehydrator – Cheap And Best

Who doesn’t want a complete unit of food dehydrator at such an affordable rate? The Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator is that complete unit which you are searching for so long.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food DehydratorAlso, it comes at a cost-effective price but do not misjudge it at all because of the cheap price. With Presto, performance, durability, and easiness of use come guaranteed.

This model from Presto is definitely one of the best food dehydrators as it comes with all of the essential features that any user will ask for.


It has the below features:

  • The unit comes with 4 trays and gives you an affordable drying than the money you spend on commercially dehydrated foods.
  • The see-through head top is best to monitor your food during the dehydration process.
  • The fan is mounted on the bottom, which along with the heating element give consistent airflow.
  • The Drying trays and cover are completely dishwasher safe and immiscible so the foods will not stick on them. Clearly, it is the best food dehydrator for those who want an easy to clean unit.
  • The package also includes fruit roll sheets, nonstick mesh screens, jerky spice kits and a jerky gun.
  • The unit is of compact design and very easy to store.
  • The dehydrator is preset at the temperature of 165 degrees F.
  • The dimensions of the tray are 14.5 x 15 x 6.2 inches.


The bottom-mounted fan along with the heating element provides consistent airflow so that the foods can get optimum drying and do not get wasted because of outside hardening. The 4 trays can be expanded up to 8 trays hence you will get the chance to dry a lot of food.

The unit is made of durable plastic which stays in the same condition even after using it for years hence the best buy food dehydrator. So, if you are looking for a food dehydrator that can be used exhaustively but will not show any breakage then this is the most suitable unit for you.

Ease of Use:

The dehydrator is already preset to a temperature of 165 degrees F so clearly for the newbies this is the perfect dehydrator. The compact design of the unit allows you to store it easily, as even the cords have their storage at the base. So clearly this is the best food dehydrator for them who have limited space to accommodate it.
Last Verdict:

Presto is a popular brand that manufactures food dehydrators. This electric food dehydrator from Presto is one of the cheapest dehydrators on the market that can be used for years because of its effective performance.

Also, the drying power of the unit is enough to get your food dried in a couple of hours. Hence this is definitely a worth buying product for dehydrating foods.

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What Are The Best Foods To Dehydrate?

  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Dry Herbs and Flowers
  • Meat and Fish Items

Frankly, speaking you can dehydrate any kind of food in the best food dehydrator and store it for future use. But in order to get a clear account on the foods, that a dehydrator can potentially dehydrate, read the below section carefully.

1) Dehydrating Fruits and Veggies:

To get the best-dehydrated fruits and veggies, it is always recommended to dehydrate ripe fruits and vegetables when they are freshly harvested. As it will help you to increase the dehydrated foods’ shelf life.

However, overripe fruits or vegetables can be dehydrated and usually, with proper packaging or with the special dehydrated food storage — zipped freezer bags you can extend the shelf life.

But to have better nutritious value, I will advise you to dehydrate ripe foods. As, dehydrating may let you lose heat sensitive vitamins like A and C, 130 – 140 degrees F of dehydrating heat will be appropriate for the fruits and vegetables. Dry them till they are crisp as it will ensure the absence of moisture.

2) Dry Herbs and Flowers:

The most suitable time to dry flowers is just after the harvest when they are starting to bloom. The herbs can also be dried in the condition when they are fresh and young and full of aromatic oils. The best part of drying herbs and flowers is that they can be used for various purposes including making food, corsage, party decoration, potpourri etc.

But as the aromatic oils are very sensitive to heat, keeping the temperature somewhere between 90 – 100 degrees F will be appropriate. Drying plants or herbs is easy as they take only an hour or two. You can dry flowers with petals and leaves using a desiccant as it helps in preserving the color and the structure of the flower better.

Also, it has the ability to absorb the moisture quickly and shorten the drying process.

3) Meat And Fish Dehydration:

Drying meat and fish to make jerky is the best usage of the dehydrator. But always dry lean meat and fish as if you select fat then it will go rancid quickly. You can also dry tender cooked meat as you can later use it in stew or pasta.

Most importantly you cannot store dried beef at room temperature as it will get spoiled, so it is preferable to store it in a refrigerator.

To dry fish and meat, you can keep the dehydrator at the highest temperature (as possible), because there are no heat sensitive vitamins present in them. Rather the high temperature will help in removing bacteria and microorganisms which usually contaminate the meat and fish.

But don’t forget to keep track of the temperature as certainly you do not want to make them brittle.

Various Uses For A Food Dehydrator:

  • Fruit leather: You can make a puree of the fruit and pour it onto the fruit roll tray to make fruit leather.
  • Tomato sauce and soup: Dehydrating tomato sauce and then blending it into a powder will allow you to use it in the future as tomato sauce. Just reconstitute it through mixing water. Now add less water to make tomato sauce and more water to make tomato soup
  • Crispy Nuts and Seeds: Crisp your nuts and seeds in a dehydrator and use them in various bakery dishes.
  • Sprouted Flour: To make your sprouted flour, you need to dehydrate the sprouted grains before grounding.
  • Yogurt: The best food dehydrator is absolutely capable of making yogurt.
  • Raise Bread: Making raise bread is super easy and efficient with this unit.
  • Natto: If you love to eat Natto, then fermenting Natto in a food dehydrator will make it more delicious.
  • Granola: Making soaked or sprouted Granola becomes easier when you have one of the best food dehydrators.


  • How Long Does Dehydrated Food Last?

– Though it largely depends on the storing process, generally dehydrated food lasts for 6 months to 1 year if stored properly.

  • How To Store Dehydrated Food?

– The best way to store dehydrated food is to pack them separately in zip-lock freezer plastic bags. Then put them in air-tight containers and store them in a cool and dry place. Do not store different types of foods in one plastic to avoid mixing of the flavors and various food contamination.

Bottom Line:

No matter how hard you try there are some sellers who will trick you anyway to buy the low-quality product at high rates, so make sure to buy your food dehydrator from a trusted source. In case you want to have the best food dehydrator for you then the above 7 units are right now the top rated ones. So no matter which one you choose you will get a high-quality unit.

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