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Best oil for deep fry
Written by Patricia Jones

There are many misconceptions about appropriate cooking oil. And, it is rumored in such a way that most of the people often get confused about which one to choose for their health benefits.

In most parts of the world, people have different opinions and have their own list of which oil is the best, which is most nutritious and which is toxic.

Regarding the choice of the best oil for deep frying, what I found during my initial findings, there were a few questions, asked frequently by individuals of 25 – 40 years age-groups.

About 75% of these questions were related to saturated fats vs polyunsaturated fats vs trans fat vs essential omega fat.

At the end, I realized that I needed more information before considering those statements were absolutely acceptable.

Certainly, those questions kept on striking my mind. This made me curious about finding the best frying oil that has health benefits, even after multiple uses.

I did a lot of research on it. During the process, I thought that unless I majored in biochemistry, it wasn’t easy for me to find. But, finally, I made it.

A Conceptual Research On The Best Oil For Deep Frying

As I didn’t have a biochemistry degree, it took multiple steps to find the best cooking oil for frying.

I read many health journals and cooking oil research papers from various resources. After an extensive and conceptual research, I finally, got the answers of the best cooking oil.

This makes me acquainted with the fact, “What is the best oil for deep frying as well as cooking food items?” (Certainly, this has enriched my knowledge, what most of my friends compliment me with.)

I hope you too want to know these things and want to keep an upper hand on the health of your family to a great extent.

Let me start from the beginning-

Categories Of Cooking Oil

Cooking oils can be broadly classified into two types-

  1. Saturated Cooking Oil
  2. Unsaturated Cooking Oil
    1. Monounsaturated Cooking Oil
    2. Polyunsaturated Cooking Oil

However, the different types of cooking oils come under these categories itself.

Just read the post till the end and get accustomed to the best cooking oil for high heat in detail.

1.Saturated Cooking Oil

It remains solid at room temperature. The main reason why saturated cooking oils remain solid is that they possess hydrogen atoms between their bonds. This makes them differ in their chemical structure and remains solid at room temperature.

For example- coconut oil, butter, palm oil, lard, ghee, etc.

2.Unsaturated Cooking Oil

It is known as unsaturated oil because some of its bonds have an open structure that allows free radical to take part in the reaction.

1.Monounsaturated Cooking Oil

Studies show that monounsaturated oil had one unsaturated carbon bond. Typically, they remain liquid at room temperature. If they are refrigerated, they turn solid.

For example- canola oil, peanut oil, olive oil, many nuts and seeds.

1.Polyunsaturated Cooking Oil

The polyunsaturated oils remain liquid at room temperature as well as when it is refrigerated.

For example- soybean oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, many nuts and seeds.

Rumors About Saturated Cooking Oil

Different resources have said that saturated fats or oils tend to increase the heart disease rate. But still, there are no potential resources that claim the same.

According to the data of the US citizens, published in 2014, a total of 76 studies were done on controlled observations. It has been found that around 643,226 people participated and there were no links between heart problems and consumption of saturated fats.

Let’s back to the healthiest oil for deep fryer-

Comparison Table Of Constant Composition And Variation In Cooking Oil

The table highlights the fact of changes in the composition of the content present in the cooking oil after heating.


Constant Composition Varying Composition
1 Coconut Oil Lard
2 Olive Oil Rapeseed
3 Palm Oil Safflower
4 Corn Oil Sunflower
5 Soybean Oil Fish Oil

For the best oil for high heat, it is imperative to have a constant composition. If the composition of oil changes, it reduces the effectiveness.

Though the composition of oil gets changed after its multiple uses, it is requested to change them for ensuring the health benefits.

List Of The Preferable Deep Fryer Oil For Home Use

1.Peanut Oil

Peanut oil has a neutral taste and considered as perfect for deep frying.

With its smoking point of 445o F – 455o F, this is ideal for high temperature cooking.

Whether you want to prepare French fries, chicken wings, onion rings or fish fries, it is the healthiest oil for frying, readily available on the market.

Some people also prefer lard as deep fat fryer oil. But, the fact is that peanut oil is the best.

2.Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered as the healthiest cooking oil. But when we consider deep frying, there are many factors which are really important to be well thought-out.

Olive oil comes in different varieties from extra virgin to refined high quality oil. Each category has its specific smoking point and composition of oil constituents.

It is recommended to consider regular olive oil (also known as extra-virgin olive oil) for deep fryer. It has the smoking point of 405o F.  Certainly, it is the healthiest cooking oil for frying even at high heat.

3.Corn Oil

Several studies support that consumption of corn oil reduces LDL cholesterol to a certain level (almost 11% on an average). This makes it ideal for cooking purposes.

You can prefer corn oil for deep frying because it has a higher smoking point than olive oil. The value of smoking point of corn oil is 446o F – 460o F, which is ideal.

In short, corn oil can also be treated as the healthiest oil for deep frying.

4.Coconut Oil

The scientific studies have shown that coconut oil not only has cosmetic uses, it can be used for cooking food items.

Evidently, refined coconut oil can be used in the best deep fryer for preparing crispy chicken wings, fish fries, onion rings and more items.

Remember that the temperature of coconut oil for deep frying is required to be maintained within its smoking point i.e., 350o F.

5.Palm Oil

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil, primarily used in food products.

Normal palm oil contains more amount of saturated fat as it is in butter. Thus, it is not recommended for frequent consumption.

As palm oil has a smoking point of 450o F, it can be taken as deep frying oil just for changing the taste and add new flavor to your preparation.

6.Soybean Oil

With a high smoking point of 453o F, soybean oil can be the best oil for deep frying chicken at the comfort of your own kitchen.

But it is advised to purchase high oleic biotech soybean oils with no trans fat.

According to the recent studies, it is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. This may reduce any risk of heart disease (if consumed).

Apart from this, omega-3 oil fatty acids make it the best oil for deep fryer.

7.Canola Oil

Refined canola oil (Rapeseed) has a higher smoke point of up to 400o F. This makes it suitable for deep fryers. But, a few pieces of evidence claim that it may cause problems of human health because it is genetically engineered.

Still, there are a lot of researches going on all around. If we intake canola oil in lesser quantity, it not only gives a new taste but also doesn’t produce any harmful effects.

Apart from the above list of preferable deep-frying oils, there are a few more cooking oils that you can consider for changing your taste. This includes rice-bran oil and avocado oil.

Useful Tips

  • Choose an appropriate deep fryer for ideal deep frying
  • It is advised not to reuse deep frying oils multiple times
  • Properly sealed in a light-proof container can keep the used oil for next 2 – 3 months
  • Don’t crowd your deep fryer for any preparation
  • Consider different oil on separate occasions for having a better taste

Remember never make any decision in a hurry! Just take your time and enjoy the most exciting flavor of deep-fried foods at home!

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