Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews – Never Let Your Party Run Out Of Ice

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Written by Robert

I really hate to wait for ice cubes to form during an ongoing party. I’m sure you share the same feelings with me.

I still remember how I ran out of ice this Thanksgiving Day. And, my freezer was unable to cope up with the situation. Surprisingly, one of my friends suggested me purchasing the best portable ice maker from the market which he was already using.

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Think Gizmos TG22 Portable Ice MachineVery HighVery EasyCheck Price
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Guess what? I thought for a while and placed order for nine different devices. Surprisingly, all got delivered within two days of time. I handed them over to my review team and the results are here.

I kept the top performing device and sold the rest of them on eBay.

It’s Really A Helpful Device-

A small countertop unit can be used for home, outdoors, RV vacations, camping and more. If you buy the best countertop ice maker, this will definitely pay off for itself.

If you have snow cone maker or ice cream maker at home, it is an added bonus. As it is the must-have device for making ice fast on demand.

The Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews Of 2018

Out of the nine units, I’ve reviewed seven good quality ice maker machines for home and outdoor purposes. It’s always a wise decision to go through it before you choose anyone.

No doubt, the information will help you in evaluating your needs and wants. Let’s start with the top rated portable ice maker in the next section-

1.RCA Compact Ice Maker

Want to freeze water in two different sizes? You must pick the RCA Compact Ice maker machine for your kitchen. It produces up to 26 lbs ice per day and can value your money.

Keep the party momentum awake with the constant supply of frozen water whenever you desire! It is a professional unit that works quickly.RCA Compact Ice Maker

Salient Features

  • The entire construction is robust
  • 3 quarts water reservoir with LED controls
  • Storage capacity of 1.5 lbs ice


The salient feature of this water freezing machine makes it popular among the buyers. Using this compact device, you can remain chilled on hot and humid summers.

On comparing with other models, it is a professional unit. A single button helps you in serving chilled lemonade, soda, cocktails and more.

You just need to wait for as little as 6 minutes for preparing a batch. Due to this possibility, it is the best portable ice maker in the price range of higher double-digits.


The entire unit is built up of durable material. It is tough enough to withstand load and makes it robust for transportation.

For the convenience of the buyers, the manufacturer has engineered it brilliantly with thick material. It is a good water freezing unit for long distance trips as well.

Easiness Of Use

Though it freezes only 26 lbs water per day, this is more than enough for a family gathering. If you take proper care of this unit, you can enjoy its service for years.

Looking at its design, you definitely get attracted towards it. The best thing is that it offers two vivid sizes of frozen water on demand.

Are you concerning about its cleaning and storage when not in use? This is no more a hectic task with RCA Compact Ice maker. By using a dry soft cloth, you can clean it.

And, the size is small that you need a little amount of space for its storage.

Market Verdict

When you want to enjoy your event to the fullest, it is the best countertop ice maker. The features make it one of the must-have units for your purpose.

Place it on the countertop or carry it to the desired location, it definitely fulfills your needs. It is just a click away to remove your chores.

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2.Della Portable Countertop Ice Maker

When you want a large amount of ice per day, you are definitely looking for the Della Portable Countertop ice maker unit. It is able to create up to 48 lbs of cold solidified water every 24 hrs.

It is a freestanding machine with three modes of making frozen water. Either you can choose small or medium or go with the large size cubes on demand.Della Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Significant Features

  • Easy push button to turn on the device
  • It is made up of stainless steel material


If you have finished your stock of ice, no need to wait for the store-bought product. It is a wonderful icemaker that delivers frozen cubes within a matter of minutes.

With its purchase, you can simply treat your guests in style.


The Della ice maker is a modern unit. It incorporates high-grade stainless steel material for the buildup. This material makes the unit robust, durable and long lasting product.

When you need the best countertop ice maker, this is the ideal choice.

Easiness Of Use

Are you worrying about operating this product? It has a sophisticated push button to start. And, you can control the process by monitoring the digital controls.

If you are the first-time buyer, you can make use of the manual guide. Once read it thoroughly, this will become a piece of cake.

Market Verdict

The manufacturer has engineered it brilliantly to make it the best portable ice maker. Buy it, pour water, turn it on and prepare the desired frozen cubes.

The best thing is you get a BPA free ice scoop with this unit.

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3.Think Gizmos TG22 Portable Ice Machine

The Think Gizmos TG22 Portable Ice machine is a top rated residential unit.

Its manufacturer has shown their intelligence in creating this outstanding icemaker. It stays for last and makes batches of solidified cubes on demand.Think Gizmos TG22 Portable Ice Machine


  • It makes three different sizes of frozen cubes
  • Large ice-bucket stores up to 2.2 lbs frozen water


The performance of this unit defines why it is the best ice maker for home.

Purchase it, fill it with water, plug in the unit and turn it on. This Think Gizmos TG22 Portable Ice machine takes only 6 minutes for making a batch of cubes.

On a day, you can freeze up to 26 lbs of water using this home ice machine.


When you touch the model, you can feel the sturdiness of this portable unit. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel material and ABS housing. This makes it durable and lasting product.

Once you installed it on the countertop, it looks stunning. No doubt, this is an amazing professional-grade device for freezing water. The best thing is it operates at low noise.

Easiness Of Use

Unlike other residential ice machines, it requires minimal effort for making cubes. Once done, leave the remaining frozen water in the storage bucket.

Over time, it melts back to water and can be reused for the next cycle. So, operate the unit using the electronic control panel on its front. This makes it the best residential ice maker.

Market Verdict

Though it is best-suited for home use, you can use this unit for outdoors, camping and more.

Go with its purchase and you won’t get disappointed at any point of time. All these things also make it the best countertop ice maker for your purpose.

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4.Gourmia GI500 Professional Ice Maker

Are you looking for a faster counter top ice maker? With its high efficiency, you get a total of 9 pieces in 10 minutes. The best thing is that you get the support of three cube sizes.

Depending on your need, you can freeze 2-quart water at a time. Our review suggests that it is the best counter top ice maker for home, offices, parties and more.Gourmia GI500 Professional Ice Maker

Significant Features

  • Freezes about 30 lbs water on single day use
  • It has inbuilt timer and refill alarm


The Gourmia GI500 Professional ice maker is one of the finest performers in its class. It is designed for removing the worries of its buyers.

Once purchased, you get rid of the conventional way of making ice. Just fill the reservoir with water and turn on the machine. It automatically performs the task.

The thing is there is no need to monitor the process. If it’s short of water, you get notified with a refill alarm. Or else, it also comes with auto-shut off feature.


Being a product from the house of Gourmia, there is no need to bother about its quality.

The manufacturer uses high-quality stainless steel materials for its construction. Moreover, it is ETL certified that gives confidence to the buyers.

Due to all these elements, it is the best portable ice maker for camping. And, our reviews also found the same.

Easiness Of Use

As it requires only 10 minutes time for making 9 pieces, it supports the users in every possible way. On comparing with other machines, it holds enough water once frozen.

For the ideal storage of cubes, it incorporates insulated interior surface. This keeps frozen cubes crisp and fresh unless you take them out.

Market Verdict

When you want a high scorer, add this Gourmia GI500 Professional ice maker to your kitchen. It removes all your dilemmas of running out of ice. So, you can enjoy your treats with lots of fun, refreshment and coolness.

Without any doubt, this is the best home ice maker for the modern kitchen.

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5.Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Unit

Are you looking for a highly durable icemaker machine? You can go with the buy of Igloo ICE103 counter top unit for making small, medium and large-sized cubes.

For the convenience of its buyers, it comes in 26 lbs unit and 48 lbs unit. Here, our team has reviewed the unit that produces up to 26 pounds of chilled cubes per day.Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Unit

Salient Features

  • It can produce a batch of frozen water as quickly as 6 minutes
  • Bucket can hold up to 2.2 lbs of ice


Do you find it difficult to manage ice for your party? Nothing to be bothered about, Igloo ICE103 reduces the waiting period to a great extent.

With its high-performance, it helps in making chilled drinks on demand.


High-grade stainless steel is used for its entire housing. This material makes the unit sturdy and long-lasting. Anyone can carry it to any destination without having a second thought.

It is not the smallest unit but one of the must-needed equipment for camping. With its use, you can convert water into frozen cubes in a matter of minutes.

Easiness Of Use

Buy this unit and make your ice-making a piece of cake.

Once done, you can easily wipe the unit using a dry cloth. Now, store it safely in one-piece for the next use. It is the best portable ice maker for home, parties, offices, birthdays and more.

Market Verdict

The Igloo ICE103 counter top unit has a good storage capacity. With its use, you can treat your guests and enjoy your parties in a perfect way.

Some individuals also consider it as an ideal gift. No doubt, the innovative design and stylish look will attract the viewers.

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6.hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

A powerful icemaker is what everyone desires for their purpose. The hOmeLabs Portable Ice Making machine will definitely fit in this vacant space.

In a single batch, you get up to nine frozen cubes for drinks. And, it hardly takes up to 10 – 12 minutes for fulfilling your desire.hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

Salient Features

  • Store up to 1.5 lbs frozen water
  • It has auto shut off function


Want a quiet cooling unit for making ice? The manufacturer has adopted modern refrigeration technology for this portable machine.

No doubt, it works fine for making your event delightful. With its high-performance, it freezes up to 26 lbs water per day.


Being a product from the house of hOmeLabs, it incorporates highly durable material. If you want to enjoy its service for years, you must take necessary precautions.

The thing is the product is ETL certified and ready to use just out of the box. This makes it the best portable ice machine for buyers.

Easiness Of Use

This is a portable machine that features auto shut off function. It means there is no need to worry about overload or any other issues.

Our review team also found that it has removable ice-basket. If you have enough frozen cubes, keep it inside the unit. Once there is a need for more pieces, take it out and enjoy your treat.

Market Verdict

On comparing with other machines, it includes a small ice scoop. The thing that definitely takes your attention is plastic scoop is BPA-free. This makes it safe for use.

No doubt, you must-have this best portable ice maker for enjoying your treat. You can carry this unit for camping, backyards, recreational vehicles and more.

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7.Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Maker

Are you planning on a trip this vacation? The Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S is a small countertop ice maker that you can carry effortlessly.

It has a powerful compressor for freezing water. On comparing with other models, it looks compact in design. No doubt, you can pick this unit for boats, RVs, outdoors and more.Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Maker


  • Produces up to 26 pounds of solidified water on daily use
  • It takes up to 15 minutes for a single batch


Unlike other water freezing machines, it consumes a little extra time. But this would not be a disappointment for the buyers.

With its use in your kitchen, you can prepare up to 26 lbs frozen cubes. So, make ice and store it in the basket till you have enough beverages.


Heavy-duty material has been incorporated for its build up. It is an ideal unit for different conditions. And, there will be no signs of breakage after multiple uses.

Easiness Of Use

Have you ever used any ice maker before? No issues, a thorough read of the user manual can solve your purpose.

Suppose you are running short of water for freezing it, the indicator light will notify you. This enables you to fill the tank with more water.

For its cleaning process, you can use a dry and soft cloth. And, wipe the interior and exterior surface gently! All these features make it the best portable ice maker in its class!

Market Verdict

When you want a reliable unit, this Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S ice maker is the ultimate choice.

Our review suggests that it is a small unit but convenient for use in different conditions. No need to store ice bags, buy it and enjoy your treat ideally.

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Bottom Line

I hope this information has made you accustomed to the details of the best portable ice maker. Pick one that suits your needs and place your order soon!

For any queries on the product, you can directly contact us or comment on the below section.

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