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Written by Patricia Jones

Being a foodie, I know not only kids but also adults fascinate to visit the carnivals.

During my childhood, I too enjoyed the visits with my parents. And, one of my best ways to rejoice was the snow cones. I still remember those days and share those memories with my family.

Do you miss those days or want your child to have a piece of it? It’s quite easily possible with the use of the best shaved ice machine in your kitchen.

Image NameQualityUserabilityPrice
Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A MachineVery HighVery EasyCheck Price
Snowie Premium Snow Cone Making MachineVery HighVery EasyCheck Price
Cuisinart SCM-10 Ice MakerVery HighEasyCheck Price
Zeny Electric Ice Shaver MachineHighVery EasyCheck Price
Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine With Syrup Party PackageHighEasyCheck Price
Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 Home Use MachineHighEasyCheck Price
Nostalgia SCM502 Snow Cone MakerHighEasyCheck Price

Sounds Interesting, Right?

The Best Shaved Ice Machine Reviews Of 2018

Depending on your need, you can buy electric models or inexpensive hand crank units from the market. And, it comes in various shapes and sizes too.

No doubt, you can treat your family like I do with the use of a snow cone maker. Also, you can create appealing and stylish flavored cones using homemade syrups and treat your guest.

In this post, I’ve reviewed seven high quality shaved ice machines with its performances. Go through all of them and pick one that suits your needs!

Let’s start with the top rated snow cone machine in the next section-

1.Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Machine

Are you curious about purchasing the best shaved ice machine? So, take a deep breath. This Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A machine can value your money.

Give a classic treat to your family and friends whenever they desire! It is a professional unit that can make snow cones in an instant.Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Machine

Thanks to the manufacturer, it comes with 1-year limited period warranty.

Significant Features

The buildup of the unit is sturdy

Compact in size and looks attractive

It is a portable snow ice maker machine


The significant feature of this snow machine reveals why it is listed in the top position.

Using the Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A machine, you can make shaved ice, margaritas and more.

With the possibilities of preparing multiple items, this adds value to your kitchen. No doubt, it is the best shaved ice machine for home use.


For precise cutting of ice cubes, this unit comes with robust stainless steel blades. It ensures that you get fine and fluffy ice for serving each and every item.

The entire unit is built up with the highly durable material. If you go with its purchase, you also get the support of its innovative design.

This is the ideal product when you want to extend your creativity in the kitchen.

Easiness Of Use

This ice shaver unit holds adjustable blades. With its simple alteration, you can take control on coarse and crunchy ice.

This allows you to get the desired texture of snow on demand.

Although it is a compact-designed model, you won’t find any difficulty in using this snow maker.

Want to clean the shaved ice maker? Use a dry cloth and wipe it! It’s all done.

Market Verdict

When you want to create dreamy desserts, it is the ideal unit for the home kitchen. It can treat your entire family members within a matter of minutes.

Place it on the kitchen countertop, plug-in the unit and make refreshing treats! Now, it is just a minute away to add syrup and enjoy.

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2.Snowie Premium Snow Cone Making Machine

Want a premium shaved ice machine? This Snowie Snow Cone unit perfectly fits in this criterion. For the convenience of its buyers, it comes with 6 free syrup samples.

Also, you get 8 ‘Snowie Shovel’ spoons. The best thing is that these spoons are dishwasher-safe.Snowie Premium Snow Cone Making Machine

Salient Features

High-speed motor is incorporated for fast process
301-grade hardened stainless steel blades are used
Backed with 1-year warranty on the product


On comparing with other models, it is a high-performance unit. With its purchase, you can make snow desserts in seconds.

Undoubtedly, it is the best shaved ice machine for your needs.

Buy it and say no to weak motors and hand crank operations. Just plug-in the unit and get freshly fallen soft & fluffy snow on demand.


While reviewing, our team found that some units didn’t support quick operations. And, they took a significant amount of time for making shaved ice, slushie beverages and more.

But the Snowie Premium Snow Cone unit can do most of the things with ease. This is because of its high-grade stainless steel blades and high-performance motor.

With a minimal maintenance, you get the desired service for years.

Easiness Of Use

It comes with powerful Snowie motor and robust switch functions.

By simply pressing a button, it allows you to make Summer BBQs. Thus; for preparing textured ice cones, this is the best shaved ice machine.

This Snowie unit is a compact snow maker machine that makes it portable. No doubt, you can store it in low space areas without any hassles.

Want to know about its cleaning process? Fortunately, there will be no complaints of cleaning the unit. This is because a simple wipe using a dry cloth can solve your purpose.

And, first-time buyers can also operate this snow cone maker using the manual guide.

Market Verdict

The manufacturer has engineered the unit brilliantly to make it one of the compact snow makers. Buy it, make ice cones, add flavored syrups and enjoy your treat!

Want to make the eve memorable? Invite your friends and spend a quality time! No doubt, it is the best shaved ice machine in the price range of triple-digits.

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3.Cuisinart SCM-10 Ice Maker

Looking for a product from the house of reputed manufacturer? Obviously, you are searching for the review of Cuisinart SCM-10 ice maker.

With a single unit in the kitchen, you can create snow cones, frozen lemonades, slushies, party drinks and other similar items. It makes these delicious treats within a matter of seconds.Cuisinart SCM-10 Ice Maker

Significant Features

Powerful motor allows it to perform faster
BPA free parts ensure safe ice making operation


The Cuisinart SCM-10 ice maker is one of the finest performers.

Its blades are designed for shaving and cutting ice like a pro. This ensures that you get your desired item for enjoying your treat on demand.

Also, the highly efficient motor is able to make enough ice for preparing up to 4 – 5 cones within a minute. Due to its fast processing rate, it is the best shaved ice machine.


To manage the process in a less time, it incorporates high-quality blades. The material of these blades is durable and sturdy enough to bear low temperature.

For the betterment of the users, it also incorporates high-quality BPA-free components. This ensures that you get healthy, freshly prepared snow on demand.

Easiness Of Use

On comparing with other models, it comes with removable ice bin for fast cleaning. Just add ice cubes and turn on the motor, it’ll take care of the rest.

By using a pop-out tray, you can hold up to four cones. It supports in serving and storing the items without any hassle.
Apart from this, you get 12 paper cones and recipes (included) for preparing snow treats.

Market Verdict

Are you looking for an effortless unit for quick operations? Add this Cuisinart SCM-10 ice maker to your kitchen.

For enjoying your treats, top up the preparations with syrup. This will give you the desired refreshing fun and coolness.

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4.Zeny Electric Ice Shaver Machine

The Zeny Electric Ice Shaver machine is a small unit. You can carry this snow machine to any desired location and store it in low space areas.

For the convenience of its users, it comes with waterproof ‘On/Off’ switch. With a minimal maintenance, you can get the services for years.Zeny Electric Ice Shaver Machine

Significant Features

It incorporates highly durable stainless steel blades
The unit is portable and perfect for home use


When you find it difficult to shave ices using DIY methods, there is no need to go for substitutes. Purchase this high-performance unit for solving your purpose!

The blades are sturdy enough to make precise cuts and provide the desired result. It is one of the must-have snow cone machines for kids’ enjoyment.


Being made up of stainless steel material, the blades are durable. With proper care of the entire unit, you can enjoy its services for a long time.

When you want the best snow cone machine in the price range of mid double-digits, it is the ideal unit. Once purchased, you won’t get disappointed with its performance.

It also holds heavy cast iron base for stable operations.

Easiness Of Use

Not all products hold the easiest operating functions. But this product won’t let you feel disheartened when you buy it.

For the convenience of the users, it has waterproof ‘On/Off’ switch and safety cover switch.

If you want to operate the unit, take a read of the user manual guide. Once done, you can prepare shaved ice like a pro.

Market Verdict

Though it is a small unit, it is suitable for canteens, parties, snack stands, home gatherings and even restaurants. All these things make it the best shaved ice maker.

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5.Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine With Syrup Party Package

Want to enjoy your snow desserts in restaurant-style? You must order this Hawaiian Shave Ice Machine. It comes with syrup party package to complement the buyers.

The highly efficient motor allows you to make fluffy, soft and crunchy ice on demand. And, you can turn your creations into most appealing desserts.Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine With Syrup Party Package

This is only possible by using the brand syrups (included) that turn the taste.


It comes with stainless steel blades
3 shaved ice flavors included for treating your guests


No need to wait for the next carnival festival, it eliminates the waiting period with its performance. It is a wonderful unit for preparing ice cones, shaved ice and more.

It includes 3 flavored syrups, 25 snow cone cups, 25 spoon-straws and 3 bottle pourers. By using these items, you can prepare the desired treat at home.

Once you show your creativity, you simply appreciate your pick.


Being a product from the house of Hawaiian, it holds high-grade stainless steel blades. It is durable what makes it a long lasting unit.
When you are looking for the best shaved ice machine, this unit is the ideal choice.

Easiness Of Use

Do you have a concern about cleaning the unit? No need to worry about, you can easily clean the entire snow maker using a dry and soft cloth.

If you are the first-time users, you may find difficulty in operating it. If you go through the user manual and understand its working in detail, it’ll become a piece of cake.

Market Verdict

On comparing with other models in its class, you get more numbers of features.

Our reviews suggest that it is the best ice shaver for any kitchen. And, it creates perfect shaved ice on every occasion. So, own this product and begin enjoying your cool treat.

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6.Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 Home Use Machine

Want a kid-friendly cone maker machine from the house of Hawaiian? This S700 model is the ideal unit that prepares ice cones within seconds.

It can be treated as ideal kids’ snowcone machine. This is because it holds a locking lid system that enables you to prevent any unusual hazards.Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 Home Use Machine

However, supervision of elders is always appreciable when you leave your kids for operating it.

Salient Features

It is bagged with high-speed motor
Simple and sleek design looks attractive
Blades are adjustable


Unlike other cone makers, it doesn’t take much time to prepare fluffy and soft snow. With its top performance, it outperforms all the counterparts in its class.

For preparing your desired item, twist the lid and activate the motor. Collect the snow in a cup and enjoy your treat within a matter of minutes.

Add syrups to your preparation and enrich its taste to the next level!


High-quality stainless steel blades are used for its build up. This makes the unit sturdy enough to make shaved ice on demand.

It is the best snow cone maker that converts ordinary ice into nostalgic goodies.

Easiness Of Use

At first look, you can notice its professional design. But the operating unit is simply uncomplicated. To make your process easy, you can take a read of the user manual as well.

Once done, you are all set to prepare frozen cocktails, snow cones, slushies and more items. No doubt, this is the ideal frozen ice cone maker what you are looking for.

Using a dry and soft cloth, you can clean the unit. Thus, it makes the process quick & effortless.

Market Verdict

When you want a good ice maker at a low price, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 unit is the ultimate option. With its purchase, you can prepare a number of items in restaurant-style.

The best thing is it consumes very less time on comparing with other ice cone machines. This makes it the best shaved ice machine that you must buy for your needs.

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7.Nostalgia SCM502 Snow Cone Maker

Want to prepare up to 20 cones at a time? This Nostalgia SCM502 Snow Cone making machine has 8 ounces capacity. It is perfect for fulfilling your needs.

The components in contact with food are BPA free. This makes it suitable for preparing healthy and refreshing cool treats.Nostalgia SCM502 Snow Cone Maker

Significant Features

Stainless steel is used for cutting blades
It is a convenient countertop model


Like the hand ice shaver models, it comes with the classic vintage design.

You can place two reusable cones on the side tray. Once you are finished with shaved ice, fill them and add syrups to bring the taste.

No doubt, it works fine with regular ice cubes. And, one can prepare lemonade, fruit punch, snow cones and more. With limitless flavoring options, enjoy your treat on demand.


The manufacturer has incorporated durable materials for its build up. You can find stainless steel on the cutting blades. It helps in keeping a check on the precision of cut.

And, this definitely gives worth to the price tag of the unit.

Easiness Of Use

Ice making unit and other accessories are easily removable. It eases the process of cleaning to a great extent. Wipe it using a dry cloth and make it ready for the next use!

For the convenience of the users, it also comes with a built-in safety switch. It is perfect for home use, parties, birthday and more.

Market Verdict

The Nostalgia SCM502 Snow Cone making machine has a good capacity.

With its use, you can treat your guest in a perfect way. And, there is no need to worry about health as it incorporates BPA free components.

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Bottom Line

Other than our seven shaved ice makers, you can go with the manual snow cone machine. The thing is you have to pay fewer amounts but you must give greater efforts for preparing treats.

So, it is advised to go with the buy of electrical units and pick the ideal one from the above-listed products. Once purchased, you won’t regret your choice.

For more detailed information and suggestions, you can comment us on the below box!
Happy Shopping!

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