Best Substitute For Mushrooms – Enjoy Your Meals Without It

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Sometimes it happens that your guests have allergy to mushrooms. And though you have it in your kitchen, you have to look for its alternative.

I know how hard it is managing your meals with your family and friends on the dining table.

My kids love mushrooms and enjoy its taste in every recipe. And, it becomes difficult for me to find a remotely appetizing substitute such that we altogether can have it.

That’s why finding the best substitute for mushrooms becomes a short-term goal. Over time, I was able to find some suitable alternatives to it.

These also include vegan and lower-fat replacement for mushrooms. This not only helps me in trying almost all recipes that need mushrooms but also keeps a smile on my kid’s face intact.

Best Substitute For Mushrooms – Let’s Find Out Here

I know you want to make out the mushroom replacement what I’ve tried so far. And, you too want to enjoy the meals with your family like I did.

This is the only reason why I’ve come up with this post for sharing the substitute for mushrooms in recipes. A thorough read of the entire post will definitely help you in figuring out the prominent replacements for your dish.

What Is A Good Mushroom Substitute?

Typically, the recipe of the dish defines the ideal replacement of the said item. And, you must keep in mind that all substitutes aren’t superior for all recipes.

Nothing to be bothered about, I’ve listed out the mushroom replacements and its suitable recipes for you. Let’s find out in the next section-

First Come First

Our primary goal is finding a similar earthy flavored and meaty textured item for the recipe.

If you are a vegetarian, you have to pick vegan replacements. And, others can try both the recipes depending on their mood.

Vegan Replacement Of Mushrooms – Main Dishes

Fortunately, there are a number of veggies that suit the best substitute for mushrooms.

1.Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Have you ever tried sun-dried tomatoes in your recipes? Maybe! But you may never have it as its replacement in either recipe.

Just get the sun-dried whole tomatoes (without oil seasoning). Now, either dice or slice them into small thick pieces. Add them to your recipe and enjoy the taste of your prepared dish.

2.Yellow Summer Squash

This is another way I have tried out for serving dishes with mushroom replacement. It is so easy to chop or slice the yellow summer squash. Now, add it to your preparation.


You may think that zucchini and summer squash are the same item. Yes, there is confusion about it. But the fact is both are different except the yellow shade of their skin.

Zucchini is readily available in grocery stores. Buy it, slice it and prepare your dish. You can even try zucchini for pasta substitute. It’s really worked!


Peel and chop eggplants into 1 – 2 inches pieces. Prepare your recipe and add it to your preparation. Certainly, this will hold up the recipe and make your preparation awesome.


This substitute has been suggested by one of my closest friends, Clark. According to him, tofu stands in great for replacing mushrooms and I found the same.

Purchase it from the nearby store, cut it into pieces using the kitchen knife and prepare your dish without having a second thought.

You are definitely going to enjoy its taste. Don’t forget to share with me in the below box!


This is all about the vegan substitutes what I’ve tried so far.

Apart from this, you can also check out the recipes with Chickpeas, Bell Peppers, Russett Potatoes, Black Olives and Barley.

Clark also suggested Grape Tomatoes, especially with shrimp. It will be the fine substitute and it is nearly an Italian-type recipe. I haven’t tried out but definitely going to have it soon.

Low-Fat Or Meat-Based Replacement Of Mushrooms – Main Dishes

On searching, I found a few meat substitutes that you can try out at home. It’ll make recipes great because of a little fat.

1.Ground Beef

Allergic to mushrooms but want to have it in a different way? Prepare your dish using sliced ground beef. You can also try grinded beef for your recipe.

Remember to remove the excess fat before cooking! If you add oyster sauce to your preparation, that’ll enhance the taste and flavor of the meal to the next level.


Other than the above-mentioned replacements, you can also try out the substitute for mushroom soup. Let’s check out in detail-

Mushroom Soup Substitutes

Like my family, many love to have mushroom soups. But individuals who want its replacement find it difficult to achieve.

In my list, you can find three amazing substitutes for your purpose.

1.Cream Of Celery

For vegan dishes, the cream of celery is the ideal substitute. You can even use this cream for beef and shrimp recipes. No doubt, it tastes great!

2.Cream Of Chicken

Are you preparing Chicken or Turkey? The cream of chicken will be the perfect cream of mushroom replacement. And, this enriches the taste and flavor as well.


Other than the above two, you can also try lentil. It goes well with vegetables and meat.

Bottom Line

When you have the desire to enjoy your food without the mushrooms, these items are the best substitute for mushrooms. It definitely helps you in preparing meatiness and satisfying meals.

So, give yourself a freedom from mushrooms and call for any type of dishes. For more suggestions or any query, you must comment on the box below.

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