Best Waffle Maker Reviews- Making Breakfast Is Now Painless

Written by Patricia Jones

 Woke up late?

Less time to get ready….

What about breakfast?

Oh, NO! Again, you have to miss it!

Does this sound familiar to you? I have a solution for preparing morning breakfast using the best waffle maker within a jiffy.

It’s exciting, correct? I know, I too had the same feeling when I bought my first waffle iron.

The choice of the best waffle maker can make the process simple, fast and convenient.

Go ahead and read the entire article carefully and you will be accustomed to the fact of making consistent waffles using the best waffle irons available on the market.

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Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle MakerVery HighVery EasyCheck Price
Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle MakerVery HighEasyCheck Price
Black+Decker Double Flip Waffle MakerHighVery EasyCheck Price
Oster CKSTWFBF21 Belgian Flip Waffle MakerVery HighEasyCheck Price
NordicWare 15040 Belgium Waffle IronHighEasyCheck Price
Proctor Silex 26070 Belgian Waffle MakerHighEasyCheck Price

Reviews Of The Best Waffle Maker:

Scroll down to the top waffle making devices list and make the choice of reliable, easy to clean and cost-effective product. This not only makes the process easy but also delivers perfect crispy (on outside) and tender (on inside) waffles every time.

1) Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle MakerPresto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Besides being tasty and appetizing breakfast, this device can prepare consistent waffles wonderfully. It comes with dual function base that allows convenient rotation for adequate baking. It is even possible to bake extra thick 7-inch diameter Belgian waffle seamlessly.

The significant features of Presto 03510 FlipSide waffle maker-

  • Baking capacity of four easy-to-cut sections of waffles
  • Countdown timer displays the signal of completion of baking
  • Made up of brushed stainless steel (exterior)
  • 1100 watts and 120 volts (AC Current) is required for its operation
  • Ceramic nonsticky interior allows faster clean
  • Locks in a base stand that allows easy vertical position storage and saves space
  • 1800 rotation along the lock makes it possible to spread batter for fluffy waffles


The waffle maker reviews of this product disclose the fact that it outperforms any other waffle makers in the market. With an array of features, this is the best option for the buyers.

Cooking with ceramic waffle iron plates using oil does not allow the waffle to stick to the surface and makes it perfect for home use. Once it is baked, the waffles come out in the desired form leaving nothing on the surface.


Brushed stainless steel has been used for increasing its durability. It can maintain the last long beauty if it is cleaned after every use. It comes with a sleek and simple design which looks great.

Ease Of Operation

The process is automated, very simple to set the timer and prepare crispy waffles.

Any novice user can control the operation without an initial training. It can become a much easier affair if the manual of instructions is read by the operator prior to use the device.

Final Verdict

For people who look for an easy way of making delicious breakfast, it is the best rated waffle maker available on the market. By preparing the batter in a number of ways, you can enrich the taste of having a great breakfast.

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2) Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle Maker

This waffle maker has won many hearts in the town. With its attractive design and array of features, it becomes the best professional waffle maker. It is because of its positive reviews what makes this waffle maker the standout performer among all.Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro

Its unique 5 heart-shaped waffle plates can bake crispy (outside) and tender (inside) waffles in deep-bake mode. This comes with a booklet of instructions and recipes for preparing waffles in various ways. You can even do experiments to have a unique taste.

Features of Chef’s Choice

  • It comes with a floating top plate
  • Floating top plate ensures waffle thickness and baking
  • It features a unique quad baking system for selecting ideal texture, flavor and color
  • It takes a very less time (about 90 seconds) to heat up and get ready to produce waffles
  • It is a heavy-duty professional waffle maker with beeper
  • It has in-built baking and ready lights
  • Instant temperature recovery ensures continuous baking
  • No hassles of cleaning the baking plates
  • Convenience in storage in the upright position


The Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express waffle maker is the finest performer with its high efficiency and fast processing rate. This ensures that you have your breakfast and reach office on time without any troubles.


Not all products are durable and score high when it is reviewed. But this product has defeated all its counterparts with its durability and longevity factors. This is the only reason why it does come in the list of the best waffle maker reviews.

Ease Of Operation

5 heart-shaped waffle plates make it pretty awesome to prepare waffles for almost every member of the house at one go. Nonsticky waffle plates make it much simpler and easier to clean and perform the operation continues without any hassles.

Final Verdict

With its sleek look and attractive design, it has gained so much popularity. It hardly takes one minute for baking the entire waffle. Once you make the purchase of the best waffle maker, it ensures that you are totally out of the competition of preparing breakfast in quick time.

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3) Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

This Belgian waffle maker catches the attention of the buyers since its launch. It has a long base stand on which the device can rotate. This powers the operator to flip it for preparing thick and fluffy waffles conveniently.Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Once the device turns on, it shows the power on indicator. With its handle, you can carry the product and remove the waffles from the plates seamlessly. It is a classic, no mess waffle maker with removable dishwasher clean grids and drip trays.

The significant features of this waffle maker include-

  • Adjustable browning control makes it possible to prepare desired crispy waffles
  • Ready to cook indicator light indicates when to add batter
  • Brushed stainless steel body
  • Comes with advanced heating technology that supports consistent baking
  • Nonsticky waffle plates for trouble-free cleaning
  • 5 – 8 minutes are enough for a single batch of waffles


When you are expecting the most delicious and mouthwatering waffles in breakfast, this is the best home waffle maker for your purpose. Its ultra flip design looks attractive. It can bake golden brown, fluffy waffles with the right measure of crisp (outside) and tender (inside).

It is designed for the thickest batter. With proper measures, one can create the most complex waffle without any troubles. This is the best flip waffle maker that you should have in the kitchen.


The stainless steel exterior makes this device durable enough to withstand simple shocks. In general, proper cleaning and maintenance can enhance the life of the product. If you love to experiment with cooking and baking food items, this is the best Belgian waffle maker available.

Ease Of Operation

A simple twist can flip this waffle maker. This makes it the simplest and easiest way of baking golden brownish waffle. If you are creative enough and bake waffles using maple syrup, chocolate or dried fruit, it is a very simple process to clean the plates after use.

So, always look for the perfect nutritious breakfast. It not only meets your appetite but also has several health benefits.

Final Verdict

To remove your everyday hassles of preparing breakfast, this is the best rotating waffle maker available on the market. It would be the best alternative to your other breakfast options.

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4) Black+Decker Double Flip Waffle Maker

Want to ease the process of baking waffles? This Black+Decker Double Flip waffle maker can do most of the things within less time. Luckily, anyone can make the breakfast conveniently!Black+Decker Double Flip Waffle Maker

It comes with dual cooking waffle iron plates for baking more number of waffles at the same time. Cool touch handle is attached to one end of the product. With this, it becomes much convenient to rotate and cook.

Depending on the requirement, it is possible to deep bake with any adjustable angle. You can create awesome textures of waffles on demand. Certainly, this makes the process much easier.

The features of Black+Decker Double Flip waffle maker-

  • Metallic body makes it durable
  • Drip tray is included in the item
  • Nonsticky surface for easy cleaning
  • Temperature indicator light
  • Easily adjustable angle for better baking purpose
  • Dual cooking plates make two waffles at a time
  • Extra-deep grids provide better room for waffle making


This Black+Decker Double Flip waffle maker creates the awesome texture of waffles that doubles the taste with its dual performance. It has the special feature of rotate and cooks that lets the gravity to act and create ideal fluffy waffles.


The body of this product is made up of metal what makes it fairly durable. If it is handled with care, then this increases its longevity. Overall, this waffle maker works fine.

Ease Of Operation

Though it has two waffle plates, it is simply the easiest waffle maker in its class. Certainly, this makes it the best double waffle maker that allows a decent amount of batter to the used.

For simple cooking operation, the indicator lights show red to green when it is ready to cook the batter. The handle lock secures the item during cooking and rotation of iron plates.

Final Verdict

When you are looking for the replacement of traditional single plate waffle maker, this is relatively the best waffle maker available. With an array of eccentric features, it allows the operator to make waffles without any mess.

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5) Oster CKSTWFBF21 Belgian Flip Waffle Maker

With a stylish look and simple flip operation, this comes next in the list of the best Belgian waffle maker reviews. You can get evenly cooked waffles on every operation without any troubles.Oster CKSTWFBF21 Belgian Flip Waffle Maker

It is compact, made up of brushed stainless steel and the best classic waffle maker for any kitchen. Just make the fluffy or crispy waffles by simple adjusting and observing the temperature control unit.

Features of Oster CKSTWFBF21 Belgian Flip waffle maker-

  • Vertical compact design that supports space-saving storage
  • Creates 1-1/2 inches crispy waffles on every occasion
  • Comes with easily removable tray
  • Adjustable temperature control makes the process from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Creates extra-deep pockets on waffles
  • Effortless cleaning of plates


It is often recommended by users who have prepared crispy or fluffy waffles at home. The cooking time is nominal and doesn’t make the occupants to wait for a long time. There also maintains the level of consistency in waffle making every time.


The durability of the product is another prospect that credits it with the best waffle maker available on the market. It features sleek outlook and poses the strength required for making it completely competitive against other stainless steel products.

Ease Of Operation

No one faces any troubles in operating the device, filling the batter and cleaning the plates.

Once the batter is filled properly, you can take easy control on the temperature rise or fall. It turns out to be the best waffle maker to prepare your breakfast in no time.

Final Verdict

Effortless food release, fully coats cooking plates using the flip system and deep pockets make it the best cheap waffle maker at this price range (low double digits in dollars). So, make the purchase, prepare regular breakfast and live a healthy life!

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6) NordicWare 15040 Belgium Waffle Iron

When you are low on budget and want to make the process of making breakfast easy, this NordicWare 15040 waffle iron can do your handful task. You can make crisp browned waffles using different flavors with awesome textures.NordicWare 15040 Belgium Waffle Iron

Some significant features of the product-

  • Simple to use on glass top stove
  • Square-shaped waffles make it unique
  • Very convenient to store in low spacing areas
  • Can make pancakes (if required)
  • Easy 2 – 3 minutes process of waffle making
  • Made up of cast aluminum
  • Unique square-shaped waffle iron plates


NordicWare products are in the market for more than 70 years what takes the attention of the audience. The experts always provide positive waffle iron reviews because of its performance.

If it is handled with care, this can outperform any counterparts in its class. This makes the product the best square waffle maker available on the market. A bit of practice is sufficient for preparing the crispy waffles.


The durability of this cheap waffle maker is impeccable. Though it is made up of cast aluminum material, it can be the long lasting product with proper care. As it comes from the house of the NordicWare products, it owns great attire.

Ease Of Operation

Produces four square-shaped thin waffles through gentle operation! Easy batter storage, baking process and taking out of waffles effortlessly. Above all, it is the best thin waffle maker for preparing consistency waffles every time.

Final Verdict

The deep-pocketed waffle plates make bake waffles superbly to create your favorite whipped cream, melted butter with berries and more deliciously enrich flavored waffles. It is the best waffle maker for your quick preparation of breakfast in the early morning.

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7) Proctor Silex 26070 Belgian Waffle Maker

Preparing the most consistent waffles can surely be achieved using the best cast iron Belgian waffle maker. No boundaries of making the recipes with yummy cream, butter or strawberries.Proctor Silex 26070 Belgian Waffle Maker

Certainly, the Proctor Silex 26070 waffle maker is simple to use. One can definitely enjoy creating waffles in just a matter of minutes.

The features of this product-

  • Indicator lights for easy identification
  • 5 – 8 minutes process is sufficient for baking batter
  • No hassles of cleaning (nonstick grids)
  • Storing requires less space
  • Comes with deep groves for making fluffy waffles


It is definitely amongst the best waffle maker that performs beyond one’s imagination. It bakes consistent waffles every time, consumes less power and easy to store in the upright position.


On comparing with other products in the market, its durability graph is not much high. If users take necessary precautionary measures of handling the device, it can last longer. Or else, there is a possibility of damage by mishandling.

Ease Of Operation

Baking the batter is not the hardest thing! It is definitely the volume of batter to be filled on the waffle plates, taking out of waffles and cleaning process. But this cast iron non-sticky waffle maker makes everything looks very simple, fast and convenient.

Final Verdict

It is certainly the best cast iron waffle maker that comes at an affordable cost. Once you make the purchase, the process of preparing crispy or fluffy waffles becomes an extremely easy task.

Bottom Line

Apart from the list of the above-mentioned waffle makers, I have also tried the best Breville waffle maker in the town. Due to its high cost in the market, I have only reviewed the top seven waffle makers that come at an affordable range for an average US citizens.

Fortunately, these products require nominal investment to remove your breakfast trauma completely. So, don’t waste your time, choose your best waffle maker and place your order soon!

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