How To Boil Eggs Without Cracking Them? Know Tricks That Work

How To Boil Egg Without Cracking
Written by Patricia Jones

Everyone thinks of boiling eggs without cracking its shell. How many times have you been able to achieve it? Is it hard to remember and count?

No need to worry, the process is pretty simple boil eggs without any cracks. And, I am pretty sure you are desperate to know how to boil eggs without cracking them.

If you want to go the easy route, you should purchase the best egg cooking device available on the market along with an egg piercer. These devices are cheap, easy to use and very handy to maintain.

In case, you still want to go the traditional way, keep reading below.

I have mentioned everything in step-by-step procedures and tell you the facts that definitely make you a master chef of boiling eggs in the home kitchen.

How To Boil Eggs Without Cracking Them?

By using the ideal operative methods, this can be achieved on every occasion. But prior to adding eggs to boiling water, it is advised to do the following-

  • Suppose you have kept eggs in the fridge. At first, bring it to the room temperature and then boil the eggs, so that they don’t crack due to the temperature
  • Handle them gently to prevent an egg from breaking
  • Use old eggs first and precisely store the rest pieces
  • Check out whether all sorted out pieces are still fresh or not

Now, pierce egg before boiling by using a safety pin or the tool that you get with your purchased egg cooker or as shown below.

Egg Piercer

It is recommended to prick the larger end to release air bubbles that are often responsible for eggs cracking while boiling.


  • Place them in a saucepan
  • Pour sufficient amount of cold water
  • Add salt to the water

You can add vinegar to fuse any cracks if developed (while handling) on its shell.

It is recommended to add a small amount of vinegar to avoid its taste like vinegar. In this way, you can boil eggs without cracking on different conditions.

Now, heat up the saucepan and cook them for the desired result.

Five Main Reasons Why Eggs Crack When Boiled

Cooking eggs is not a difficult task but it is important to prevent them from cracking. In general, there are five main reasons why you have to face this avoidable problem.

Check out the reasons and ways how to boil eggs without cracking them in the next section-

  1. Putting Eggs In Boiling Water

Never think to put uncooked pieces in boiling water! This will promote cracking to a great extent and lead to horrible boiled eggs.

It is recommended to start with cold water and prevent boiled pieces from cracking.

  1. Use Of A Small Pot

Small size pot for too many pieces can’t cook them evenly. And, there is a high risk of cracked eggs while boiling due to the inappropriate size of the pot.

It is recommended to use an ideal pot and put the pieces in a single layer on the bottom with enough space between them. It will allow them to cook evenly.

  1. Overcooking

Some people have the likings of soft-boiled or medium-boiled eggs whereas others like the taste of hard-boiled ones.

If you have this particular liking, it is imperative to prevent overcooking that can result in the cracked egg while hard boiling.

  1. Sudden Temperature Difference

When you store them in the fridge, it is advised to raise the temperature after you have taken them out (before boiling). And, put them in a container for a tap water bath!

If you skip this, there is a high chance that it cracks the shells while boiling. So, let them in the water until they come to the normal temperature.

  1. Using Too Much Fresh Eggs

Using too fresh egg can result in cracking of its shell due to adherence of whites to its internal membrane.

It is recommended to purchase and use semi-fresh eggs (3 – 5 days old) .

How To Keep Hard Boiled Eggs From Cracking?- A Quick Look!

  • Pour sufficient amount of cold water into the saucepan
  • Place a layer of eggs gently at the bottom
  • Cover it with the top
  • Heat it for up to 12 – 15 minutes

Or else, you can purchase an egg cooker for ideal cooking without any trouble.

Why Is It Hard To Peel Fresh Egg Shells?

When the eggs are just a day or two old, it is hard to peel the shells. This is because the membrane (whites) beneath the shell adheres strongly to the surface.

Particularly, this makes it almost impossible to get ideal peeling. If you refrigerate or store it for a few more days, it becomes much easier to peel.

The reason is that pH level of whites (fresh ones) is low that let it strongly adheres itself to the shell. Over time, the pH level rises and makes it easy to peel.

Final Words

I hope this information has cleared out how to boil eggs without cracking them and peel them easily. If you follow this similar procedure at home, you won’t find it difficult anymore.

So, prepare ideal boiled eggs and enjoy its real taste every time!

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