Can You Recook Undercooked Turkey- Learn And Do It Effortlessly

Recook Undercooked Turkey
Written by Patricia Jones

Are you ready for the Christmas? You must have planned a great party at your house or any other locations.

I still remember, last year we planned to roast a turkey for the eve. Unfortunately, it was left undercooked and this made us depressed. We were looking for a solution to overcome this.

I asked my friend, Jennifer, “Can you recook undercooked turkey?”

She replied, “Yes, I can guide you through.” It all worked out perfectly.

Get To Know How To Recook Turkey In Simple Ways

Today I’m going to share you the exact steps how to recook undercooked turkey in a very simple manner which I’ve already tried out.

Read on, recook and enjoy your meal with your friends! But before that let’s discuss how can you tell if turkey isn’t cooked yet-

First Things First-

How To Tell If Turkey Is Under-cooked For Eating?

Use a fork and test the thicker parts to tell whether it feels hard or tender. If you find it hard, it means your turkey is partially cooked. So, you have to recook the same.

Can You Recook Under-cooked Turkey? – A Simple Way Of Doing It

While carving your turkey if you realize it isn’t cooked thoroughly, you can recook the undercooked portions.

The best way is carving your turkey in such a manner that it is accurate for a single-serving to your guest individually. Now, place it inside a foil-lined sheet tray.

This helps in keeping the freshness of the food intact. And, it also keeps the slices away from getting dried out.

Place the tray in the oven and roast it at 375o F until fully cooked.

Since it is cut into slices, your turkey will be cooked within a matter of minutes. Depending on the level of under-cooked food, you have to determine its ideal re-cooking time.

Moreover, some people also make broth using uncooked turkey.

This not only helps you in trying out a new dish but also tastes good. No doubt, it is totally your choice what to do with your turkey when you are in the kitchen.


If you ever come across this situation, keep your guest busy with snacks and other side dishes.

How To Tell If A Turkey Is Done? – Cook It In the Right Way

To avoid disaster while serving your food to your guest, it is better to give importance to necessary precautions. The easiest method is using a meat thermometer to gauge your process.

Typically, it is an instrument that can tell you the temperature of cooked meat. With its help, you can remove the uncertainties out of the process.

In most of the cases, chefs and foodies leave one meat thermometer in the thickest part of the turkey i.e., thigh. And, poke other meat thermometers into various sections.

Now, it isn’t a necessary thing to monitor the temperature throughout the process for the desired result. In the middle of the cooking process, you have to turn the half-roasted turkey and expose the other side to the air.

Cooking Time And Temperature

For a 12 – 13 pounds turkey, it hardly takes over 2½ hours to roast. And its ideal cooking temperature is 325o F – 350o F.

After 2½ hours, lower the temperature to nearly 300o F and allow it to cook for some more time. The ideal turkey temperature when it is done on the thickest parts is 165o F.

You must check the reading before turning off your oven. Definitely, this information solves your query on how to check if turkey is done or not.

Now, transfer it to your desired cutting board. Allow it to rest for the next 20 – 30 minutes!

Congrats! It is ready to carve and serve!


In case, you don’t have a meat thermometer and want to know when is turkey done. It is better to cut the thigh joints of turkey prior to cooking.

Place it in the oven and turn it on. Check the meat close to the bone and make sure that it is no longer looks pink.

Once done, transfer it to the cutting board and leave it for up to 30 minutes before carving.

And, there will be no more query on ‘when is my turkey fully cooked?’

How To Keep Turkey Warm When Done Early? – A Few Tricks

Suppose your turkey is done too early and there is enough time to reach your guest. You have to keep it warm to enjoy your meal.

Are you thinking about whether to cover turkey or not? The best way is wrapping and leaving your turkey as a whole. When your guest arrives and you all are ready to eat, carve and serve it.

Some people also keep the roasted turkey in the oven at a low 150o F temperature. It can keep your meat warm for a few minutes to hours.

Another method is warming your cooked turkey with hot gravy.


According to the USDA, it is recommended not to leave roasted turkey longer than 2 hours at room temperature. Also, you should avoid keeping the meat above 90o F for more than 1 hour.

So, it is advised to manage your time of cooking to follow the USDA health instructions. And, cover your turkey with a foil such that it doesn’t dry out if cooked early.

How To Store The Leftovers In The Kitchen?

When you want to keep the leftovers, it is advised to refrigerate it at below 5o C. This keeps your meat fresh and also prevents the growth of bacteria.

Remember not to store cooked meat along with the raw meat. Otherwise, there is a greater chance of contamination of the cooked items.


Transfer the leftovers within 90 minutes into an airtight container. And store it in the refrigerator. This will stay good for the next 3 – 4 days.

If you prefer freezer for storing cooked turkey, use a freezer-safe bag and seal it. You can store it safely for about 2 – 3 months.

Bottom Line

Sometimes doneness of meat doesn’t determine that it is cooked. If you want to know more about queries such as ‘when is my turkey done’, comment below and we’ll help you out.

I hope the above information has solved your queries on ‘can you recook undercooked turkey or not’. So, follow the instructions and serve food with confidence!

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