How To Clean A Waffle Iron- Step By Step Guide

Written by Patricia Jones

My sister always prefers crispy waffles for breakfast what my mom used to make since our childhood days. Being a newly married girl, living with her husband, she prepared waffles for the first time.

Unfortunately, she messed up and faced the troublesome situation about how to clean a waffle iron and called me last Monday. All of a sudden, she throws a bunch of question on me. And, I had to navigate through them to solve her problems and bring her out of this.

Sound’s Familiar?

No worries. I am going to share the exact detailed steps my mom showed me here with you today.

Hope this helps in getting rid of the most welcome question, “How to clean a waffle iron?” in day-to-day life. Lets’ jump on!

1) How To Clean Non-Removable Plates Of Waffle Maker

Whether it is stainless or aluminum or cast iron product, you should allow it to cool before doing any cleaning activities. If it is electric waffle maker, it is always recommended to unplug the device prior it’s cleaning.


  • Remove the dry batter and oil from the waffle iron plates
  • Fold the towel to reach the edges and corners of the plate
  • Brush away the dried batter that overflows from the waffle plate
    • Soft-bristled kitchen brush is best-suited for brushing away big pieces
    • Or else, it may produce scratch on the surface
  • Hardened bits require hot water to loosen and scrape out
    • Use a towel and dip it into the hot water
    • Rinse the area and place the cloth inside the waffle iron
    • Close the lid and keep it there for a few minutes
    • It loosens the pesky crumbs and allow it to remove easily
  • Use a rubber spatula or sponge to remove the rest of the dry batter from the surface
  • Now, make use of a damp cloth and clean the entire waffle plate conveniently


Whether it is non sticky waffle maker or not, there will be no batter or oil remains on the waffle plate surface. This increases the life of the waffle maker as well.

2) How To Clean Removable Plates Of Waffle Iron

At first, unplug the device and wait until it cools down before cleaning. Then,

  • Remove the plates carefully depending on the brand of waffle maker
  • Immerse the plates in warm water
    • Don’t add detergents or soap
    • This may deteriorate the plates
    • Also avoid dishwasher
  • Gently clean waffle iron plates using soft-bristle brush or sponge
  • Rinse it thoroughly for removing waffles sticking to iron plates (if any)
  • Take out and turn it vertical that runs out the water
  • Allow it to dry or use a dry soft cloth/ paper towel for its next use

Certainly, these procedures make sure that cleaning a waffle iron plates is not an overwhelming task.


Some waffle iron plates can be washed using detergents or soaps. Dishwashers can also used for cleaning purposes. For this, kindly check the user’s manual guide and read the instructions carefully before doing anything.

I think you have understood the procedures of how to clean a waffle iron plates conveniently.

Now, let me make you aware of the simple, quick and easiest procedures of cleaning the entire waffle maker in the next section.

3) How To Clean A Waffle Maker

No need to submerge or rinse the device for its cleaning. Just follow the steps that are listed below-

  • Take a damp cloth
  • Gently Clean the exterior surface
  • Can use soapy water but be careful
    • If water gets into the electrical parts, it can damage the equipment
    • It can also result in shock when you plug in the very next time
  • Use a dry cloth
  • Clean it properly
  • Fix the nonstick removable plates (if it has)
  • Keep it in the safe storage place

I think you pretty understand how to clean a waffle machine. And, the thing is that it is all ready for the next use effortlessly.

4) How To Clean A Waffle Iron Using Detergents Or Soapy Water

Sudsy Ammonia is a cleaning substance readily available in the US market. As it is a great easy to clean waffle iron maker product, it makes the process simple.


  • Soak a napkin or paper towel in the solution (water and sudsy ammonia)
  • Place it between waffle iron grids
  • Leave it for hours (visit your workplace and come back)
  • Use hot water and dish soap
  • Take a soft-bristle brush or sponge
  • Clean it thoroughly (if non-removable)
  • Rinse it properly (if removable)
  • Use a dry soft cloth
  • Dry it completely

In case, you have an upcoming trip and want to keep your waffle maker safe at home. Then, after cleaning process, you perform the following operations-

  • Take pieces of bread
  • Coat with unsalted butter
  • Place them on the waffle iron plates
  • Close the lid and turn it ‘ON’
  • Turn it ‘Off’ when bread turns brown
  • Remove them all
  • Wipe it properly and store

I know it is a little time taking process but it safeguards your interest of keeping the device safe.

5) How To Clean Belgian Waffle Maker

Do you have the best Belgian waffle maker at home? Not to mention, you have to replicate the same steps for any waffle maker available on the market. Or else, you can follow the manual booklet of the manufacturer for cleaning a waffle iron.


Over the past several years, I have experienced many willing and unwilling situations of cleaning a waffle maker. Here, I would like to suggest you with some tips for avoiding the situations that can damage your waffle maker.

What To Avoid?

Let me start from the beginning-

  • DO NOT clean when the waffle maker is hot
    • Wait until it cools down
  • DO NOT put the entire device in water
    • To avoid malfunctioning
  • DO NOT use steel wool or abrasive cleaners
    • It damages the waffle maker
  • DO NOT use sharp objects such as knife to reach the ridge areas
    • It damages the waffle iron plates

Always be careful and act sensibly to avoid these situations! Never forget the procedures of how to clean a waffle iron and ensure the longevity of the product.

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