How To Cook Frozen Perogies – Secret Of Preparing Delicious Perogies

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Written by Robert

I am pretty sure you have some stuffed frozen perogies or you are going to get some fresh one from the market shortly.

So, I’ve come up with the ways of how to cook frozen perogies appetizingly. Read on and make your preparation much easier.

Let’s start it with a brief introduction-

What is Perogi or Perogies?

Perogi is recognized as an Eastern European food. It contains flour, eggs, water and various fillings as its main ingredients.

This dumpling stuffed includes potato, sauerkraut, cheese, ground meat and even fruits.

For its best taste, it is topped with sour cream, melted butter and more. And, you can store them raw or cooked in the freezer.

How To Cook Frozen Perogies At Home?

Either you prepare them at home or buy these items from the nearby grocery store. Once you purchase it, you have to cook it before eating.

Here below, I have covered three different methods of ‘how to cook perogies in the kitchen’-

1. Boil It

Definitely, it is the easiest way to cook them. Any novice users can boil them if they follow the instructions properly.

· Boil water in a container

· Place the perogies

· Lower the heat

· Simmer it for 5 – 6 minutes

You can notice they start floating on the top. Now, drain the water and serve hot.

2. Sauté It

It consumes a little extra time than the above-discussed method. But it enhances the taste to the next level.

· Heat olive oil in a frying pan

· Provide medium heat

· Place a single layer of perogies in the pan

· Cook it for 7 – 10 minutes until it turns golden-brown on both sides

· Transfer the fried perogies on paper towel

Other than this, you can even try the next method of cooking in your kitchen.

3. Bake It

You can go for the baking process using the oven to change its taste. Now, top it with melted butter and enjoy your meal.

· First, preheat the oven to reach 400o F temperature

· Pour olive oil on perogies and mix it

· Place a single layer on the baking sheet

· Bake until it turns golden-brown

It usually takes about 12 – 15 minutes to prepare baked perogies.

Optional Methods

I. Deep Frying

Some people really love to eat deep fried perogies. For its preparation, follow the instructions given below-

· Preheat oil up to 350o F

· Put them in the heated oil

· Cook for 4 – 5 minutes

Once you observe it turns brown and floats, you must transfer them on the paper cloth.

II. Grill It

Definitely, you can grill to cook thawed perogies.

· First, brush it with melted butter

· Place it on grill

· Cook until it turns brown on both sides

The time of preparation depends on the heat supplied for cooking purpose.


If you want to enjoy the rich taste of perogies, you can try any of these ways of cooking them.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Perogies In The Kitchen?

When you cook until it turns brown or golden-brown, this makes them crispy.

You can try other ways of cooking to get soft, tender and even puffy perogies. It may consume a little extra time but makes the preparation delicious in taste.

Steps For Cooking Perogies

· Take it out from freezer

· Boil it for 5 – 7 minutes

· Transfer them to a microwave-safe container

· Place it inside and microwave it

· Cook it for 5 minutes

Now, drain the water and serve it hot. The texture becomes soft and tender.


If you want crispy and puffy perogies, repeat the ‘Bake It’ process. Allow it to bake a little more up to 18 minutes only.

This turns them brown and puffy.

Bottom Line

I am pretty sure this information on how to cook frozen perogies has solved your purpose. Just follow them and enjoy your treat!

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