Difference Between Parsley And Cilantro – Tips To Identify Easily

Difference between parsley and cilantro
Written by Patricia Jones

When you have two similar-looking items in the kitchen, it is going to be a tie. If this happens, you definitely try to find out the tips for resorting them.

And, I know you are here for unearthing the difference between parsley and cilantro. A thorough read of this article is going to settle down your battle within a few minutes.

Let’s start with the basic information on both these herbs-

First Thing First – Parsley Vs Cilantro

Parsley is a bright green biennial herb with fresh flavor used for garnishing food items. In some kitchens, it is also used for seasoning sauces, soups as well salads.

To enhance the taste of food and make it more appetizing, some people grow and harvest them in backyards. It also provides good breath to smell better.

On the other side, cilantro is the green annual herb in the Apiaceae family. Several cooking recipes call for fresh leaves, stems and its dried seeds to bring a unique taste.


If you have queries like ‘Does parsley have a taste similar to cilantro?’, this uncertainty has been solved by now.

Difference Between Parsley And Cilantro – How To Find It Out?

When you have both herbs on the kitchen countertop, it becomes really hard to distinguish them. But from now if you ever come across this situation, there will be no more troubles.

Parsley herb has flat leaves with much milder flavor as well as scent. If you ignore this herb for any recipe, you may or may not miss its taste.

On comparing with cilantro, it has a very strong smell. A small amount of cilantro leaves can change the flavor and taste of the entire dish.

Suppose you miss to put cilantro in any cooking recipe that calls for it! Not only adults but also kids can notice a lack of flavor in it.


For determining these herbs, you can also smell the leaves before adding them to the dish.

Obviously, it has solved the query on ‘what does parsley taste like and cilantro too?’ Now, we will head on to more details on both these herbs.

Is Italian Parsley The Same As Cilantro? – Let’s Check Out Here!

Among a group of people, there is confusion that cilantro and Italian parsley both are same. But in reality, cilantro is also popularly termed as Chinese parsley.

Particularly, the term ‘cilantro’ is admired in American states. In some parts of the world, it is also known as coriander. And, this is commonly used at the end of cooking food items.

Considering the parsley, it is of two types for cooking needs. Either you can find Curvy parsley with ruffled leaves or you get the Italian parsley with flat leaves.

This herb is commonly used for garnishing the food items.


On comparing Curvy parsley with Italian parsley, it is virtually a flavorless herb.

What Does Cilantro Look Like? – Another Way Of Differentiating Them

Still unable to determine the difference between parsley and cilantro! You can identify them by looking at their leaves.

Each of these herbs has varied shape and size of leaves. But coriander leaves are more rounded than parsley (which forms a spike).

The color of these leaves also looks light green than most parsleys as well as celery leaves.


In case, you have parsley and celery leaves in the kitchen. Both herbs share similar pointy leaves. No need to waste your time! Just look at the stems for determining the difference.

Parsley has a smooth stem with circular section whereas celery stems have jagged surface with the crescent-shaped section.

Some Cooking Tips – Valuable Information

When you are cooking a recipe that calls for both cilantro and parsley, you must ensure that you have both items.

In case, you have only coriander leaves. It is advised not to compensate the parsley with extra coriander leaves. Or else, it’ll contribute a different note by overpowering the dish.

Just leave the portion of parsley leaves and add normal amount of cilantro leaves!


Only parsley leaves are used in the recipes whereas coriander leaves, stems and seeds can be used for cooking purposes.

Additional Information – Effects On Health

It’s really surprising to know that both these herbs have many health benefits.

Parsley is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, beta-carotene and more. Its intake ensures a good protection against the harmful free radicals.

Cilantro leaves and seeds offer better digestive aid. It contains a high amount of beta-carotene and antioxidants. It also has chemicals that provide antibacterial effect against salmonella.

Bottom Line

I’m fairly certain that you can easily identify the difference between parsley and cilantro from today itself.

If you find this information useful, share it immediately with your family and friends. For any suggestion or query, you can comment on the below box.

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