Does Worcestershire Sauce Go Bad? – Know The Expert’s POV

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I hope you are familiar with Worcestershire sauce that’s why you are here to know, ‘Does Worcestershire sauce go bad or not?’

In general, the ingredients of any recipe make the dish last longer or vice-versa. Apart from this, the storage method of the packed dish or product also determines its shelf life.

Considering the said sauce, it contains a lot of ingredients but the manufacturer hasn’t disclosed the original recipe and kept it secret.

It does not mean that you can’t find the Worcestershire sauce expire date. It is advised to look the label of its ‘sell-by’ or ‘best-before’ date and enjoy your food.

Let’s find out some interesting facts about this sauce in the next section-

Who Invented Worcestershire Sauce?

Back in the 1830s, John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins created a recipe and kept it aside because it was made so strong. Later, they had forgotten about the recipe.

In the meanwhile, the ingredients went on fermentation and became mature.

After several months, they sensed a unique smell and tried to discover what it was. Luckily, they found the bottle and tasted the recipe as it became palatable.

It was the day when Worcestershire Sauce discovered.

Unfortunately, Lea and Perrins won’t get the license to trademark their preparation. But they are considered as the original maker of the said sauce. This might be the only reason why the original recipe had been kept as a secret.


It was first introduced back in 1837 and currently, sold by HJ Heinz.

As of now, it has been discovered that this sauce contains tamarinds extract, molasses, anchovies, garlic, vinegar, spices, onions, sugar, salt and chilies.

With its addition to the food items, you get unique flavor and aroma of the dish. It is popularly used for recipes such as deviled eggs, beef stew, Caesar salad and the list goes on.

Does Worcestershire Sauce Go Bad? – Let’s Find It Out

Yes, it does go bad.

Over time, you can find that the taste of sauce degrades and there might be the signs of mold in the bottle as well. It indicates that sauce has gone bad or spoiled.

You can also consider the ‘best-before’ or ‘sell-by’ date but storing is an important factor. If stored in a proper way, it has been observed that the said sauce stays good for years.

Some of the elements that affect the quality of sauce include room temperature, opened or unopened bottle and method of storage.

If you have ever queried on ‘Can Worcestershire sauce go bad?’, this has been solved by now.

How To Tell If Worcestershire Sauce Is Bad Or Spoiled?

Anyone can identify expired sauce. When it begins to spoil or go bad, it is likely that you get the sour or unpleasant smell. Also, you can notice a change in color of the preparation.

If there’s a buildup of gas inside the bottle, it will make a ‘pop’ sound when it gets opened. This is the sign that you have to discard expired Worcestershire sauce.

In case, you want to consume the said item. Not only it will taste bitter but also it has certain health risks because of foodborne bacteria.

How Long Does Worcestershire Sauce Last If Remains Unopened?

Interestingly, this sauce is considered as one of the best condiments because it has a good shelf life if remains unopened.

When the bottle is stored at room temperature, it remains in its best quality for about 4 – 5 years. And, it will be safe to eat within this time period.

Suppose you have kept the bottle in the pantry where the bottle will experience cooler climate than room temperature. Here, it will stay good for an indefinite period of time.


It is advised to check the expiration date before buying and storing the same.

How Long Does Worcestershire Sauce Last After The Bottle Is Opened?

No doubt, you will experience a change in its expiration date once the bottle is opened. It is advised to store the leftover appropriately so that you can enjoy it for next use.

The best way to store is in its original bottle in a cool and dark place.

If stored in the pantry, it will remain good for the next 3 – 4 years. In case, you have to open the bottle for frequent use. The shelf life of the food will decrease periodically.

Do you refrigerate Worcestershire sauce?

That’s great! It will help you in maintaining the flavor of the said sauce. And, the preparation will remain good for a longer period of time.

It is advised not to freeze the bottle whether it is opened or unopened.

How To Extend The Shelf Life Of Worcestershire Sauce?

As of now, it is clear that storing method is the prime factor that helps in extending the shelf life of the said sauce.

Whether you have unopened or opened bottle, it is recommended to keep this bottle in a cool and dark place. It can also be refrigerated to maintain the best flavor. And, ensure that there will be a constant temperature.

According to the experts, it is better to store the bottle in the pantry if you are running short on space in your refrigerator.

How Long Does Worcestershire Sauce Remain Good When Added To A Dish?

As you already get to know, this sauce has the longest shelf life when stored properly. But you can observe a big difference when cooked in a recipe.

Once you prepare a dish using Worcestershire sauce as one of its ingredients, the sauce will last as long as the least expiration period of another ingredient in the dish.

It means- when the dish goes bad, you have to discard the preparation into the trash.

So, it totally depends on the individual choice of the ingredients for the recipe. And, there is no definite lifespan of sauce once prepared.

How To Make Homemade Worcestershire Sauce? – A Chef’s Recipe

Want to treat your family and friends with your unique preparation? You can consider this recipe and prepare homemade Worcestershire sauce within 12 – 15 minutes.


Though the original recipe is kept secret, this Chef’s recipe will work for you-

  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • ½ cup apple cider vinegar
  • ¼ tsp ground ginger
  • ¼ tsp onion powder
  • ¼ tsp mustard powder
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder
  • ¼ tsp black pepper plus cinnamon


At first, take a saucepan and put the ingredients. Turn on the burner, place the saucepan and provide low heat. Mix them properly and stir it for the next 60 seconds.

Now, turn off the burner and allow it to cool. Transfer it to a bottle and store it in the fridge.

Congrats! You have done it.

Final Words

I hope this information on ‘Does Worcestershire sauce go bad or not?’ has cleared out your doubts if any. And, I am pretty sure you can enhance its shelf life from today itself.

So, ensure that your food is in good condition before consuming them. This will keep a check on your health as well.

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