Golden Syrup Substitute – Prepare Your Dish Without Altering Its Taste

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Love cookies? It is a great food for snacking while watching your favorite shows. Not only adults but kids also have an instinct towards it.

First Comes First-

Last weekend, I threw a party at my residence. As my husband was out of the station, I invited Emily- my closest friend and we had a gala time together after almost a year.

Next day, we decided to bake some donuts for the breakfast but I realized I ran out of golden syrup. It just depressed me.

I told her that we didn’t have the said syrup. Luckily, she got an idea of using golden syrup substitute to meet our desire for enjoying tasty homemade donuts.

As she had tried it before, it wasn’t a big deal for us. She explained me the process and we did it together without any trouble. Also, thanks to my reliable donut maker for the baking process!

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Does this sound familiar? So, you too need a substitute for golden syrup for preparing homemade food items.

In this article, I’m going to share the exact methods what we did to meet our appetite. Also, I will share a few more outstanding alternatives for your purpose.

Let’s start with the introduction to the said syrup in brief-

What Is Golden Syrup? – It Is Also Called As Light Treacle

The process of refining sugar cane into sugar forms golden syrup. It is thick, used in a variety of recipes for baking and dessert making purposes. It serves great as a natural sweetener.

Apart from sugar cane, sugar beet juice with acid is also refined to form golden syrup. In some cases, the sugar solution is treated with an acid to form the said syrup.

At first glance, you definitely treat it as honey but this is not the truth. Though its appearance and taste is almost similar to honey, it has a different consistency and flavor.

In case, you won’t find the said syrup in the nearby store or you are running out of the same. It is better to opt for golden syrup alternative. No doubt, it will work fine.

Golden Syrup Substitute – Let’s Find It Out Here

Fortunately, there’s not just one replacement for golden syrup but there are many more. I have listed them below-

1.Go With Honey

It is one of the common components that you can find in any grocery store. The best thing is- some individuals often purchase honey for flavoring and sweetening food items.

On comparing with golden syrup, honey has a strong flavor. It will offer a mysterious taste if you substitute the same amount of honey in place of the said syrup.

It is advised to add less amount of honey as per your recipe. Moreover, the variety of honey also provides you with different smell and taste.

More notably, it won’t deliver a flexible binding like golden syrup. So, it is best to go with a small amount of honey to combine the constituents as light treacle.

2.Mix Corn Syrup

Another great substitution for golden syrup will be corn syrup. In most of the cases, it is considered as the first choice. And, it is also called as maize syrup.

Apart from baking or dessert making, it is used for many other recipes. Some of the usability of corn syrup includes softening the texture, flavoring and adding volume.

When you visit the nearby store, you will find two different types of corn syrup. So, either you can go with light syrup or dark one for the preparation.

They say- it is better to use light corn syrup because its taste and consistency are closer to that of golden syrup. Thus, it suits best for any baking recipe. So, there’s no reason to go with dark corn syrup substitution for the said syrup.

As corn syrup is originated from the cornstarch, it offers mild flavor. Also, it will be a unique, light and buttery golden syrup alternative.

3.Use Maple Syrup

Derived from the natural sap of red maple or black maple or sugar maple trees, it is more intense, pure and darker. It offers a little stronger sweetening taste than golden syrup.

It is rich in nutrients and has a greater longevity than other similar products. It can also be stored in the fridge without having a second thought.

If you are planning to offer an additional sweetness, it is the best golden syrup substitute. Or else, you can also minimize the amount of maple syrup to match up with the desired recipe.


Some people also go with molasses or dark treacle but it won’t result similar to substitutes like honey, corn syrup or maple syrup. So, it is recommended not to go for the same.

No doubt, this information has definitely solved your query on ‘What can I use instead of golden syrup?’ Let’s check out the process of preparing golden syrup at home-

Homemade Golden Syrup – A Unique Recipe

If you don’t have any of the above-discussed items in the kitchen, you can prepare your own golden syrup in quick time.

For its preparation, you need sugar, vinegar and water.

At first, heat up a saucepan and put ¼ cup sugar. Spread it gently so that heat will distribute evenly. Once it turns into liquid, pour 1 tsp water, ½ tsp vinegar and mix them thoroughly.

Provide low heat for about 5 minutes and slowly increase the heat over medium. Stir it once and heat it for the next 5 minutes.

Now, you can observe caramel-colored syrup with bubbles popping out.

Once bubbles stop popping, stir it well and remove the saucepan from heat. Allow it to cool down and transfer the syrup to a bottle or any other desired jar.

Congrats! Your homemade syrup is ready to use.

Bottom Line

Finding a golden syrup substitute isn’t a tedious task. But you have to add it in a precise amount to get the ideal texture and taste of the finished food.

Hope this information has solved your purpose of preparing homemade cookies! For any query or suggestion, you can comment on the below box.

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