How Many Egg Whites In A Cup – Easy Home Cooking Tips

How many egg whites in a cup
Written by Patricia Jones

Today, many breakfast menus prefer egg white omelets and sandwiches due to its nutritional benefits over the whole egg. This cuts down the calories and reduces fat & cholesterol to zero.

It also eliminates riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron. So, the best option is one – two whole eggs along with egg whites for your preparation. It still has calories, low fat, low cholesterol and other necessary nutrients for your diet.

In this article, I’ll discuss how many egg whites in a cup. Definitely, it’ll help you in preparing your dishes. If you have a concern about losing weight, this tip is just what you are looking for.

How Many Egg Whites In A Cup? – Egg White Measurement

No doubt, you can pick any size egg for frying, scrambling, poaching and more recipes. But when you are looking for whites, the quantity of egg differs according to its size.

Let’s check a tabular format of egg white measurement for one cup in the next section-

Egg SizeEgg Whites

With exact measurement, you can also find out how much egg white is in one egg.


Of course, the size of egg matters for determining the quantity of whites presents in it.

For a large-sized egg, the quantity of whites is about 2 tablespoons or 1 teaspoon. If you measure two large egg whites using a tablespoon, it would be equal to 1/4th cup (approx).

Do you know the weight of the whites? I’ve mentioned it in the later section of this post.

Egg White Conversion Equivalent To Whole Egg And Yolks – Additional Info

Let’s look at the conversion table equivalent to one cup whole and yolks-

Egg SizeEgg WhitesWhole EggsYolk

This table will help you out in preparing dishes with yolks. And, you can even show your creativity using the whole eggs whenever required.

Apart from this, you get to know how many small eggs are required for replacing large ones.


I’ve seen my friends find it difficult to separate yolks from the whites. And, it results in beaten up with the numbers of eggs actually required.

Needless to say, you must follow the ideal way of separating yolk once you break an egg. Or else, all your efforts may go in vain.

How To Separate Yolk From Whites? – A Must-Needed Tip

This process can become one of the easiest tasks if you follow the instructions carefully.

At first, wash your hand thoroughly and take three bowls. Keep them on the kitchen countertop and pick eggs from the tray.
It’s time to crack an egg.

Since your hand is clean, split the shell and catch the yolk properly. Allow the white to pass on through your fingers into the bowl. Now, slip the yolk into another bowl.

Repeat the process gently till you finish all. Surely, this process won’t create a mess of yolk and whites if you mistakenly make a mistake.

In case, you have made one or two errors. Remember that you have a third bowl for keeping it.


You can store yolks in an airtight container and refrigerate it for the next two-three days. For the best storing method, you can go for vacuum sealing.

Another Method

Want to know another supreme method of separating yolks from the whites? Let’s discuss eggshell method in the next section.

Simple And Straight forward

Take two bowls and keep them on the kitchen countertop. Pick an egg and carefully crack it from its middle into two equal halves.

Hold it over the bowl using both hands and try to separate the shells from upward. Once it breaks into two halves, you can notice yolk remains in the lower half.

Now, tilt the shell and pour the whites into the bowl. Congrats! You have done it!

Some people also use a plastic bottle for squeezing the yolk. You can even go with cracking eggs into a funnel or slotted spoon.


Once you finished with separating yolks, you can prepare your recommended dishes.

If you want to weigh the collected whites, you can do it using a measuring device. Or else, consider the below-mentioned method for finding its weight in the quick time.

How Much Does An Egg White Weigh? – Find Out Here!

Being a chef in the North Carolina, I have measured all sizes of eggs in my kitchen. Let’s consider a large egg (60g) out of its shell.

Once you weigh it, you find a measure of 54g (approx). Out of which, it is about 1/3rd of yolk and 2/3rd of white.

Now, measure the portion of whites by separating yolk. You get the read of 36g (approx). In terms of an ounce, the value of the weight of whites will be 1.2 fluid oz.


All large eggs don’t have the exact same weight of whites and yolks. For standard measurement, the weight of large shell egg whites is considered as 30g i.e., 1 fluid oz.

Final Words

While choosing eggs, you must consider your need and find out how many egg whites in a cup from the above table.

Or, you can jolt down the table for a quick review when you are in the kitchen. Considering the weight of large egg whites in a cup, it will be equivalent to 210g or 7 fluid oz.

For any queries or suggestions, you are free to comment on the below box.

Happy to help you with your food preparation!

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