How To Clean A Pizza Stone? – Tips On Its Maintenance And Care

Pizza stone cleaning
Written by Robert

I know you have invested in a pizza stone. And would be interested in knowing how to clean a pizza stone.

You love the taste of freshly prepared pizza at the comfort of your home. But the only dilemma is stains on the surface of the stone.

Eventually, the difficulties of pizza stone cleaning make you think twice before preparing.

The instructions that came with the product is sufficient enough to take care of it but still, you need to be prepared for better cleaning options.

A Sunday Night Party

Last Sunday, we had an invitation to a Pizza party at the residency of my beloved friend, Lisa.

When I reached her house, she was in her kitchen. And, we both shared the kitchen to remove the chores for an hour or more.

One of my jobs was cleaning the pizza stone. But I wasn’t satisfied with my job and asked her to share her knowledge of cleaning.

As she was using it for last 4 – 5 years, she explained me different methods of its appropriate cleaning in details. Then, I did it without any hassles.

Today I will share you this experience and make you understand how to clean a pizza stone precisely. This definitely helps you in cleaning at the comfort of your own kitchen.

Cleaning A Pizza Stone

Cleaning pizza stone

Thoroughly rinsed with plain water can clean your used pizza stone but it won’t provide that optimal cleaning advantages.

My collective information will provide you with the solutions and help you in preparing deliciously rich in taste pizza every time.

Let’s check the three simple techniques of pizza stone cleaning that include-

  1. Use Self-Cleaning Function
  2. Clean A Pizza Stone By Hand
  3. Wash With Baking Soda

I know you have opted for these methods previously but never get precise results.

Let me explain them in step-by-step procedures such that it becomes a piece of cake for you from the very next time.

  1. Use Self-Cleaning Function

When there is a fewer amount of oil or baked staple foods stuck on the surface of pizza stone, it can be cleaned using the self-cleaning function of the oven.

Cleaning Steps-

  • At first, clean the grills properly using a dishrag (make sure it is dry)
  • Wipe off the pizza stone as well (it removes stuck on fat and grease)
  • Place it gently on the grill and close the door of the oven
  • Allow the pre-function function to raise temperature gradually or else, pizza stone gets broken or cracked
  • Provide consistent temperature when it reaches 500o C
  • Keep it for at least one hour
  • Turn on self-cleaning function to superheat it
  • Monitor it from the glass window and allow the cycle to get completed
  • Thereafter, allow it to become cool (this might take overnight)

Congratulations! Your pizza stone is ready for next batch.


I think all your queries on how to clean a baking stone using the self-cleaning function has been sorted out.

Remember there is a high chance of smoke or fire during this process if spills of oil or grease burn at high temperature.

It is thus advised to wipe off them properly prior to introduce the pizza stone in the oven.

Also, remember that some ovens come with self-lock feature during the self-cleaning function. It means you can’t open the door at that time. So, it is better avoiding the chances of smoke.

In case, it catches fire. Turn off the oven and don’t try to open the door. This is because it can increase the rate of fire in the presence of atmospheric oxygen.

It is recommended to use kitchen fire extinguisher and prevent the fire or call the nearest help center if it gets out of your reach.

  1. Clean A Pizza Stone By Hand

This method is simple but precautionary measures should be taken care for effective pizza stone cleaning.

Cleaning Steps-

  • Use a stone brush to scrape stuck baked pieces of food from the surface
  • Gently rub on the surface where baked food present
  • Wipe it off using a damp cloth
  • Put your pizza stone in plain water for an overnight
  • Take it out and scrape it again
  • Allow it to dry before the next usage


Make sure the pizza stone is completely dried before introducing it in the oven. Or else, it can produce a crack on its surface.

Never use soap or detergent for cleaning. This can ruin your pizza stone completely.

  1. Wash With Baking Soda

 Baking soda will act as a pizza stone cleaner.

Cleaning Steps-

  • Mix baking soda and warm water to form a paste
  • Remove burnt chunks of food using stone brush
  • Scrub the paste onto your pizza stone
  • Scrape the stone gently using brush
  • Wipe it off with a damp cloth

If there is still oil patches, spills and stains remain on the surface, repeat the above process one more time. And, then-

  • Allow the pizza stone to become dry

Oh Great! It is ready for the next usage.


Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is the best and safest cleaner for a pizza stone.

How To Care For A Pizza Stone?

A pizza stone is porous and eliminates excess moisture from the pizza. This creates a superb crispy crust to meet the appetite of all pizza lovers.

Certainly, pizza stone needs a special care to keep it in an ideal condition. This includes-

  • Never use oil on the surface of a pizza It can catch fire when the temperature gets increased inside the oven.
  • Using cornmeal on top of the stone can create a non-stick surface. This makes the cleaning process much easier.

I hope this information is sufficient enough to clean a pizza stone safely. So, enjoy your meals with much satisfaction and confidence every time.

If you have queries or want to share your experience on ‘how do you clean a pizza stone’, you can comment here.

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