How To Reheat Grits? – Less Known Easy Ways Of Doing It

Written by Patricia Jones

The recipe for preparing healthy grits is simple and straightforward. And, the freshly prepared ones are rich in taste, low in calorie and act as a wonderful staple diet. Are you looking for the solution on how to reheat grits? You have landed on the right page.

I’m going to explain you the ideal process of reheating grits at home. If you follow this method, it’ll keep the taste of the leftover grits as usual. Before that, let’s know the ideal storage method of grits in the kitchen-

How To Store Grits In The Kitchen?

When you want to keep it safe, you have to follow the below-mentioned method-

  • Prepare your dish
  • Allow it to cool
  • Transfer it to a container
  • Cover the dish with a foil
  • Store it in the refrigerator

Remember to have it within the next day. Before serving, you need to reheat the entire dish.

How To Reheat Grits At Home?

If you have refrigerated them, bring it to the room temperature first. After it comes to normal condition, you can either use the stovetop or microwave it for heating.

1.Stovetop Heating

Some people find it the best way to reheat whereas others consider it as a clumsy task. All in all, the stovetop heating process can solve your purpose in a couple of minutes.

Step-By-Step Procedure

  • Transfer your dish in a saucepan or another container
  • Place it over the stovetop
  • Pour a little amount of milk or water
  • Turn on the burner
  • Provide low heat
  • Stir it continuously

After a 2 – 5 minutes, turn off the burner. Serve hot and enjoy your food!


Once done, you can put toppings. Or, you can enjoy your creative grits right away.

2.Microwave Heating Of Grits

If you want to cut the time of reheating your grits, microwave heating would be the ideal choice. Some people find it difficult to get desired results. And, most of them asked, “How to keep grits from getting hard in the microwave?”

No need to worry, I have the solution. Just follow the instructions-

How To Make Grits In The Microwave?

  • Transfer the cooked grits in a microwave-safe container
  • Pour a little amount of water
  • Stir it evenly
  • Place it inside and close the door
  • Provide medium heat up to 60 seconds


If you find that grits become too loose, repeat the process one more time. It is recommended to pour a little quantity of water to avoid the arousal of this situation.

Optional Method- How Can You Reheat Grits On An Oven?

It is also possible to reheat your pre-cooked grits in an oven. The process of reheating will be similar to the stovetop method.

Since grits become thick over time, you must add water or milk. Don’t forget to add them! Stir enough amount of water to make it appropriate for reheating and eating!

In other words, add water to achieve your desired consistency. I hope this information has made it clear how to reheat cooked grits. Let’s discuss ways of preparing wonderful grits in brief-

Best Way To Eat Grits At Home

I remember, my mom used to add salt, pepper and soy sauce with grits for my morning breakfast. And, this recipe is one of my favorites till now. Interestingly, there are many ways of eating grits at home.

And, each of this method is considered as the best. I have collected a few of these preparations for your purpose. If you want to try a unique recipe, just pick them one by one and enjoy your staple diet.

I am pretty sure that below-mentioned items have covered one of your favorites.

Try your grits with-

  • Butter And Sugar
  • Butter With A Fried Egg
  • With Cheese
  • Corn And Onion
  • Egg And Spinach

Other than this, you can even try garlic, chicken and pepper while preparing grits. Some people also prefer shrimps with corn.

Final Words

Always try to prepare a sufficient amount of grits and enjoy it! As it hardly takes a matter of minutes for preparation, it won’t be a hectic task.

In case, you are left with cooked grits after your meal. Store it confidently and follow the instructions to enjoy it later on!

If you have any query on how to reheat grits in your kitchen, you can comment below.

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