How Long Does Pancake Batter Last? – Increase The Shelf Life

How long does pancake batter last
Written by Patricia Jones

It has been a long time I have made pancakes on the weekend for my entire family. As it is one of my habitual activities, I am usually aware of the fact ‘how long does pancake batter last’.

So, I never recognized the importance of storing batter in the way Emily told me.

Emily is my sweet neighbor and a mother of two-year old girl. She also loves cooking like I do and often shares different cooking recipes whenever she gets time.

The Recent Visit

Last time when we met, I was in the kitchen preparing pancakes for my family. It was the very first instance when she noticed me cooking.

By looking at the bowl of batter she asked me, “Have you ever stored it before?” Since I have never done this before, I asked her about storing pancake batter in the kitchen.

She surprised me with her methods of keeping batter fresh for a few days. And, I am sure enough that this information will definitely help you in storing it whenever you have some leftover batter in your kitchen.

Let’s start with it in the next section-

How Long Does Pancake Batter Last In The Fridge?

Depending on the storing method, one can keep pancake batter ideal for at least two days up to a month time.

Since the batter is a mixture of eggs, flour and milk, you can refrigerate pancake mix as well as freeze it on demand.

Suppose you want to store the preparation in the fridge. With the presence of perishable ingredients, it still remains edible for at most two days.

It is advised to store the preparation in an airtight container. And, this information definitely solves the query on ‘can you refrigerate pancake batter or not?’

How To Store Pancake Batter In The Kitchen?

Once you are all set to store the leftover, you must transfer the preparation in an airtight container and seal it. To maximize the shelf life, you can also vacuum seal it in a freezer bag.

It is better to go with a vacuum sealer and ensure that you can fasten it appropriately. Need to purchase one, check the vacuum sealer reviews here!

The best thing is that you can seal and freeze the leftover batter for at most 30 days. If your family member or friend ever asks ‘how long does pancake mix last?’, share it today.


For thawing the 30-day old pancake batter, you can keep it overnight in the refrigerator. Or, you can also thaw it in warm water before making pancakes.

Does Pancake Mix Go Bad? – Let’s Find Out Here!

No doubt, the ingredients present in the batter go bad with time. Also, you can notice the growth of molds on it.

In case, you want to consume this bad pancake mix. It is likely that you are going to become sick. So, it is recommended throwing of the batter if storing date exceeds the permissible limit.


The best way to calculate the date of expiration on the basis of storing method is labeling the container with the storage date and time.

Bottom Line

It is advised not to mix a number of ingredients for storing batter. And, you must follow this instruction on ‘how long does pancake batter last once stored?’

Surely, this enables you to prepare fresh pancakes on demand. Moreover, some people also use the same batter for preparing waffles.

Have you ever tried it?

Never before! Just do it today! For purchasing a new waffle maker, you can check the reviews of top seven models here.

If you find this information helpful, you must share with your family members and friends. This will give them the opportunity of storing pancake batter in their kitchen.

Happy Cooking!

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