How To Save $200/Pm By Preserving Your Food Through Vacuum Sealing

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Are you feeling guilty about throwing away food everyday?

Let me assure you it won’t happen again after you read the post and take the necessary action.

It has been evident that an average US family of minimum four members has the habit of throwing food items as a trash on a regular basis. This not only wastes the food items but it also leads to a potential loss of hard-earned money which has been invested without any proper thinking.

Considering the value of these food items the loss is around $200/PM or Approx $2500/Year (Source), it can provide about 2 million calories of energy if get consumed by the people. Have you ever think about it? Whatsoever it is, you have to take a resolution and save food items from getting wastage. For this, you can store food items.

How To Store Excess Food Items Or Preservation 


Well, some people store food items using conventional methods such as store in a container and cover them from the top, keep them in a air-tight jar, etc. But this process does not keep the food fresh and hygienic for a longer period of time.

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Certainly, this leads to throwing the food items if not consumed within a few days. Otherwise, it is prone to get spoiled that you might observe from its bad smells coming out from decayed food items.

Have you ever heard about vacuum sealers? Needless to say, the term ‘Vacuum Sealer’ itself is enough to explain its meaning and usage.

Actually, it is a device used for packing food items by the process of vacuum sealing. It protects them from getting decayed by reducing the oxygen that limits the growth of bacteria and other decomposing micro-organisms on the food items.

Why Vacuum Sealing? 

You might have tried conventional methods of sealing food items for storing them. But conventional method has the low tendency of protecting the food items. This is because the air contained in them leads to the oxidation of the food and hence they go rancid.

This enhances the growth of bacteria and fungi which in turn makes the food go waste.


When vacuum sealing is preferred, the results will be completely vice-versa. The main reason behind this food preserving technique is that it reduces the oxygen for creating an anaerobic environment.

Once the food items are sealed using vacuum sealers, there is no need to worry about decaying for at least two – three weeks and even more.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of vacuum sealing techniques-

Benefits Of Vacuum Sealing-

  • It maintains the quality of the food for a long time.
  • It protects the value of food items.
  • It is a fast, easy and economical process.
  • It maintains the accurate texture of food items, keeps it fresh.
  • It makes the space for the new and necessary food items.
  • There will be no problems related to pests and insects.

For your betterment and adding necessary value to the food items, you can pack them according to your requirement. The best thing is that you can store what you eat and you can eat what you store using vacuum sealers.

In contrast, check out the below comparison table for understanding the importance of a vacuum sealer in a much better way with in-depth details. 

Comparison Of Conventional Method Of Food Sealing And Vacuum Sealing Process:

For the storage, food items can be classified into three different categories that include frozen food, refrigerated food and dry food.

Frozen Food

                        Items                               Conventional                                         Vacuum Sealing
                          Fruit                      6-12 months                            2-3 years
                     Vegetables                        8 months                            2-3 years
                          Fish                      2-6 months                              2 years

Refrigerated Food

                           Items                               Conventional                                      Vacuum Sealing
                             Fruit                        1-5 days                        1-2 weeks
                        Vegetables                        2-7 days                        1-2 weeks
                             Fish                         3 days                           1 week

Dry Food

                        Items                               Conventional                                   Vacuum Sealing
                         Cereal                       2-3 months                    6-12 months
                          Rice                        6 months                       1-2 years
                         Coffee                         2 weeks                       1-2 years

For tracking the record of freshness of the food items, you can write date of seal on the packs and test the food items at your place. This, in turn, helps you with the proper evaluation of how beneficial it would be if the food items are vacuum sealed in spite of conventional sealed.

Some people might get confused which food items should be stored and how long they could remain safe in a seal. In this context, the above table might give you a little idea about the types of food that you can store successfully using the vacuum sealers.

More About Vacuum Sealing 

Needless to say, it is often seen that people who do not invest in this type of equipment and prefer throwing of food items.

But they are not aware of the fact that purchsing a vacuum sealer is economical (if one considers the value of wasted food items). Probably, you can see a huge difference in the quality of food items that worth your investment in purchasing vacuum sealers.

New researches have been suggested that roughly half amount (50%) of the produced food items get wasted or thrown away in the US that worth $160 billion annually. So, make the purchase of a vacuum sealer for protecting your hard-earned money.

Just read on and go through the uses of a vacuum sealer that ease your process of buying a new one.

Uses Of A Vacuum Sealer:

Apart from the storage of food products such as broccoli, peppers, chard, peas, etc., one can do much more great things that leftover the troubles of wastage.

Wines And Water Bottles Can Be Sealed Properly

Once the seal has been broken, it is imperative to consume the whole item within a limited period of time. If it is vacuum sealed again, this increases the duration of storage. Similarly, oil and vinegar jars can also be sealed (if needed).

Reseal Chip Bags

Suppose you have purchased chips and cracker bags for your kids. They might not eat the whole thing at a time. You can vacuum seal the product that keep it cruncy and tasty for a long period of time.

Some Non-Conventional Use:

It won’t hurt if you make use of the same device for some simple hacks which can prove your smartness:

Metals Can Be Protected From Corrosion

If the metal items get exposed to direct sunlight, water and air, there is a great chance of its damage due to rusting. Just make sure that these items are not polished and seal it!

Protect The Medicines

A lot of band-aids and ointments become unused if the seals get broken and remain unused. There is a high possibility that you have to purchase a new one for the next time when you need an aid for scratches or wounds on your body.

Once you can seal the used ointment tube after its use, it remains in the right condition that meets your future needs.

All in all, you get to know about the importance of food storage and vacuum sealing needs. So, make a wise decision of purchasing a reliable vacuum sealer by checking reviews such that it does not hamper your investment and keep your family healthy & protected.


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