How To Remove Giblets From Chicken – Know The Hassle Free Steps

Remove Giblets from chicken
Written by Patricia Jones

Are you looking forward to cook a whole chicken? Remember, every recipe asks for removing the giblets before cooking it.

Some people prefer giblets to use it in gravy or other chicken dishes. But I recommend preparing them separately to ensure thorough cooking of these textured items.

Here, I have come up with the information on ‘how to remove giblets from chicken’. And, I’ll also provide you with the methods of using them in your recipes.

Before that, let’s discuss “What are chicken giblets?”-

What Does Giblets Mean?

It refers to the heart, liver, gizzard and other visceral organs like the neck. When you buy a whole chicken from a butcher, the giblets are present inside it.

It is sealed in a bag and stuffed in the bird’s body cavity for easy removal.

How To Remove A Chicken Neck, Liver And Gizzard From A Whole Chicken?

Nothing to be bothered about, learn the step-by-step procedure for removing chicken giblets in the next section-

Steps To Remove Chicken Innards

  • Clean your hand thoroughly (Better to use gloves)
  • Remove the packing
  • Place the chicken on a clean surface
  • Hold the chicken steadily with one hand
  • Locate its neck opening with another hand
  • Find the sealed bag of giblets
  • Pull the package out

Now, it depends on you whether you want to prepare giblets or throw them away.


In case, you want to prepare a separate dish using the neck, liver, heart and gizzard. Refrigerate them immediately!

Now, trim the excess fat from neck opening and discard. Clean the cavity using cold water.

Pat the whole chicken downwards to remove the excess water. And then, dry it using a paper towel.

A Recipe- What To Do With Chicken Giblets?

Everything can be roasted but it is better to go for preparing gravy.

Wash the neck, liver, heart and gizzard. Chop them into pieces of desired consistency.

Steps For Cooking Gravy

  • Fry them in olive oil until it turns brown
  • Add spices, salt and seasonings
  • Stir well and mix them
  • Add chopped garlic and onion
  • Fry it for next 5 minutes
  • Add a little water and simmer until cooked

Transfer it to the serving plate and enjoy its taste!

Is Chicken Giblets Good For You?

For some people, it may not sound that appetizing that giblets provide nutrients. But it does.

Especially, heart and gizzards contain a number of essential nutrients.

Some Interesting Facts About Chicken Liver And Gizzard-

  • Liver contains Vitamins A and B12 (Cobalamin)
  • Both contain high-quality protein where gizzards have slightly higher
  • Both are low in calories and high in iron, zinc
  • Gizzard is a good source of Vitamins B2 (Riboflavin) and B3 (Niacin)

If you consume giblets in a proper way, it is really safe for health.

Remove Giblets From Chicken – How To Store Them?

Raw chicken can be stored for several days in a fridge. The ideal temperature for its refrigeration is 40o F and less.

When you buy a whole chicken, it is ideal to refrigerate giblets. It is advised not to store giblets for more than one day.

Once you decide to prepare giblets, you can consider an appropriate recipe. Or, choose the above-mentioned one for your purpose.

Before you cook, clean them thoroughly!


According to the USDA report, the sealed giblets are free from the visible signs of any disease.

And, it is better to consume them the same day of purchase.

Giblet Innards – What Part Of The Chicken Is The Gizzards?

Gizzard is the muscular, thick-walled part of chicken’s digestive tract. It helps them in grinding food before reaching the stomach.

For its cleaning, you have to cut it into two halves. Remove the interior residues and peel out the yellow inner membrane.

Remove excess fat and discard. Wash it thoroughly!

Now, it is ready for cooking.

Final Words

I hope this article provides you with the detailed information on how to remove giblets from chicken, its preparation and storage.

For any query, you can comment on the below box.

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