How To Store Dry Active Yeast? Simple Procedure That Works

Written by Patricia Jones

I am not only passionate about preparing tasty, deliciously rich in nutrients and healthy food items but also love to share my experiences.

As of now, I have created a variety of dishes using a wide range of recipes. This makes me superior in realizing how to store dry active yeast to enrich the flavor of different food items.

When I Visited My Friend’s House

Last week, my family had an invitation to one of my friend’s house. We visited there, started with bread sandwiches (homemade) and ended with a great appetizing dinner.

Surprisingly, the fact was that my husband didn’t love those homemade sandwiches what I read by looking at his face.

In the meanwhile, I asked my friend how she did prepare them and what ingredients were present in bread sandwiches.

During the conversation, it was a bit challenging for me to make her realize the importance of storing yeast and the preparation of dough.

Somehow I manage to dominate the situation in a friendly manner and explain her everything.

How To Store Dry Active Yeast?

Let’s start from the beginning-

For making sandwich bread using a bread maker, it is important to pick all necessary ingredients for the recipe.

Apart from flour, sugar, oil and rest of ingredients, yeast plays an essential role that causes the dough to rise. But there are a few things that make you disappointed.

You might realize in the halfway through your dough preparation that your stored yeast is ruined or you have used expired yeast.

Oh No! Not Again!

I know how it feels.

Certainly, you have to opt for better-storing methods.

Once you have opened the yeast package, you should keep it in an air-tight best yeast container. If it is exposed to air or moisture or heat, then it is likely to perish soon.

Storage Tips

  • Fold the package tightly
  • Seal with tape or clip


It is advised to remove extra air from the package. If you have a large pack of dry active yeast, you can use multiple zipper bags to store them.

Should Yeast Be Refrigerated?

This is often asked by people and my friend too asked the same question.

Of Course! Yeast can be refrigerated. Surprisingly, freezing yeast extends the lifespan to a great extent.

She asked me, “How long does active dry yeast last?

Well, dry active yeast has a good shelf life. It also depends on the environmental conditions of how it is stored.

The advantage of refrigerating yeast is that you can use the same package for the next 4 months after it is opened (remember to check the expiry date).

Freezing yeast can be used for up to 6 months after the package is opened (don’t use if it is expired at room temperature).


It is advised to keep the amount of yeast required for the preparation of staple foods at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before mixing it with water.

And, store the rest of the yeast in a similar way explained above.

How To Keep Yeast Alive?

Now she takes more interest in yeast storage and comes with this next question.

Keep in mind that unpacked packages of yeast perish them within quick time.

Refrigeration and freezing are the only two best methods of keeping the dry active yeast alive and you don’t require frequent purchasing from the shops.

And, the rest I have already mentioned in the above section.

Does Active Dry Yeast Go Bad?

Yes! It is possible.

Particularly, I have tested expired yeast (by looking at the expiry date). What I have experienced is that there is a requirement for more amount of yeast for the dough to rise.

After bread preparation, there is not much difference in its taste. But I realize that expiration date is conservative and it definitely affects the density of bread.

I continued the testing for a month or two and threw the rest of the yeast. This is because the amount of yeast was getting increased every time.


It is advised to store yeast in a better environment and consider expiry date as an important factor for having the best taste of freshly baked sandwich bread.

Can I Test Yeast To See If It Is Good To Use?

Sure! It is possible to test and verify whether your stored yeast is still active or not.

For this, you have to follow the step-by-step procedure-

  • Take ½ cup warm water
  • Dissolve 1 teaspoon sugar in it
  • Sprinkle active dry yeast
  • Stir it properly

Now, keep it for 10 minutes in an idle state.

  • If it is activated, you can notice it begins to rise after 3 – 4 minutes
  • It then produces a foamy layer on the surface after 10 minutes

Luckily, you can use this for the preparation of dough and make freshly baked, rich in taste, delicious bread at the comfort of your kitchen.

I hope you remember this from the very next time!

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