Substitute For Orange Extract- Prepare At Home With Ease

Written by Patricia Jones

I know why you are here. You want a substitute for orange extract, right?

Orange extract doesn’t belong to your daily needs. But you need it for preparing a flavored item in your kitchen. Interestingly, only 1 – 2 teaspoons of extract can solve your purpose.

And, purchasing of the whole pack will take away your dollars. If the product will never be used for preparing other dishes, it will expire.

Nothing to be bothered about, I have the solution.

What Is The Best Substitute For Orange Extract?

Surprisingly, you can prepare its best substitute at home. But, the homemade preparation won’t be stronger than commercial ones.

Before discussing the procedure of making orange extract, let’s know its uses.

It can be used to flavor dishes such as-

  • Frosting
  • Cakes
  • Muffin
  • Bread
  • Liqueur and more

How To Prepare Orange Extract At Home?

It will be an interesting recipe when you try at your place-

  • Chop orange zest into small pieces
  • Put it in a jar up to the one-third part
  • Pour vodka to immerse chopped zest
  • Seal it tightly
  • Keep the mixture for at least two weeks
  • Now, open the jar
  • Use a coffee filter or cheesecloth to remove the zest

Congrats! Your homemade extract is ready to use.

In case, you want to cut the preparation process with other substitutes. This is even possible.

Different Substitutes Of The Extract

When you use these substitute suggestions, it slightly alters the taste. There is also a possibility of change in texture and appearance of the final product.

However, you can use them as its similar replacements when you don’t want the addition of orange extracts.

1.Orange Juice

You can use this as a good substitute. But you have to mince orange zest and add it to the juice. This will offer the desired flavor.

Besides to that, reduce the rate of other liquids to balance it with orange juice. Or else, it will make the dough or batter too loose.

2.Orange Liqueur

It is the best substitute for orange juice and zest. Particularly, one teaspoon of orange liqueur is equal to the same amount of the said extract.


This liqueur is sweetened with sugar and flavored with orange in alcohol, especially vodka. In the list of liqueur, you can prefer Triple sec.

3.Grand Marnier

Many liqueurs fit well as a substitute for the said extract.

This is a great product to add without altering the flavor of the desired dish. It comes in different sizes that vary the Grand Marnier price.

Definitely, it will be an ideal pick to add flavor.

4.Orange Marmalade

It is also possible to use orange marmalade substitute for the said extract. Since marmalades are sweet orange jam, it is often used for preparing sauces.

When you use it for preparing other dishes, you have to reduce the sweetness of marmalade. Offset the jam with the addition of lemon juice and it’s done.

5.Vanilla Extract

Some people even go for vanilla extract as its substitution. Interestingly, 1 teaspoon of this extract will equal to the same amount of orange extract.

Bottom Line

I am pretty sure this information has solved your purpose.

For more information on substitute for orange extract, you can comment on the below box.

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