Top 5 Unique Ways To Boil An Egg You Haven’t Tried Yet!

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A lot of people love eating boiled eggs. But, somehow, they find it hard and a challenging task to boil it for their purpose when they have the lack of time. This keeps them away from the healthy benefits of eating boiled eggs daily.

Researches have found that human body requires a certain amount of cholesterol that can be offered by eating boiled eggs (if this is kept in a limit as per the dietary guidelines).

Are you facing the day-to-day troubles of boiling eggs and stay away from its unmatched benefits? One of the biggest problems is the time and another is the necessary effort you have to put on it.

Not to mention, let’s have a look at these unique methods of boiling eggs so that it becomes easy, fast and interesting for you-

Check Out The Top 5 Unique Ways To Boil Eggs

These methods can be the best possible ways for making hard-boiled & soft-boiled eggs and no need to worry about over-cooking or under-cooking them.

1) Using A Microwave Oven 

When it comes to boiling eggs, the microwave oven can be utilized. Certainly, you can set the timer and restrict the boiling process depending upon your requirement. This can be the most effective way of preparing hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs without any hassles.

At first, take a container and place the required number of eggs. Place it inside the oven keeping the container open. Set the timer and power on the device.

Once the eggs are boiled, wait for 10 – 15 minutes then take it out, pour soft cold water, peel them and get ready for tastethe whites and golden yellow yolk on every occasion.


Considering the boiling operation in the microwave oven, it is recommended not to close the saucepan or container on which you have placed the eggs. Otherwise, there is a great chance of spilling of water that can damage the equipment.

2) Purchase An Egg Cooker

You might get bored of the old methods of boiling eggs. Luckily, the egg cookers can be utilized for hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs. This makes the process much easier, quicker and faster doing it without any challenges.

It comes with a timer that allow the operator to set the duration of the process depending upon the requirement. Certainly, this removes the dilemmas of doing a conventional boiling of eggs. You can check the list of best devices to boil eggs.

With no complaints and a great solution for everyone’s purpose, you can use a egg cooker for a good batch of purposes that include poached eggs, scrambled eggs and speed up your food processing rate in a great extent. 


Do you have egg cooker at home? If not, for purchasing it, you just need to read the user reviews and make the right choice for your daily use.

3) Use Electric Tea-making Kettle For The Process

Like your preparation of tea in a kettle, this can be used for boiling eggs. But you have to continue monitor the process for having the desired results.

Pour water into the kettle, keep the eggs and switch on the device.

Either you close the kettle from its top or keep it open, the eggs will be boiled at a moderate rate. This is because the top of the kettle has narrow shape that allows a little amount of vapors to go through and the rest helps in boiling the eggs. 


If the kettle is closed from the top, this improves the rate of boiling, protects the equipment from any damage and reduces the time of making boiled eggs as well.

4) A Rice Cooker Is Also A Great Option

Rice cooker is a great kitchen appliance for preparing rice at a faster rate when you have a limited time early morning for making your food and reach the office on time. In modern days, most of the people are enjoying the benefits of having a rice cooler at home.

If you place one or two eggs with rice and add sufficient amount of water in the cooker, this can cook the rice and boil eggs at the same time (without any troubles).

In the meanwhile, you have saved your time and effort that you might require for boiling eggs separately in a different container.


This process is the best for preparing hard boiled eggs. Once you get ready for eating eggs, you can find the tender golden yellow yolk every time.

5) Make Use Of The Pressure Cooker

Some people prefer cooking rice and other necessary food items using the pressure cooker. It not only saves time but it saves efforts as well.

Food items such as rice, pulses, etc. require water for its cooking. By putting eggs in the cooker, this can be the non-conventional and harmless method of boiling eggs without any troubles.

You have to place the necessary items in the pressure cooker, add eggs (one or two), pour sufficient amount of water, close it with a lid and keep it on the top of the burner.

Let, the cooking process starts and this also cooks the eggs gently to produce hard boiled eggs.


You might see some minute cracks on the egg surface but it won’t destroy the healthy benefits of boiled eggs.

Now, boiling eggs might not be a difficult and an overwhelming task if you consider any one of the above-mentioned ways for your purpose. The best thing is that it has a check on your health and keep you healthy every time. What do you think?

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