How To Make Unsalted Butter Salted – Tips And Techniques

how to make unsalted butter salted
Written by Patricia Jones

Instead of the salted butter if you bought unsalted one, this can make a different chemistry with your food preparation.

Since some people don’t use butter daily, it is possible that they paid for unsalted butter wrongfully. But the recipe calls for salted butter?

If you ever come across this situation, you must know how to make unsalted butter salted.

In this article, I’m going to share the methods of converting your unsalted butter to salted one without altering the taste of the resultant. I also organized a side-by-side guide on the homemade substitute for store-bought butter.

Let’s check out the ways of making the said ingredient salted-

How To Make Unsalted Butter Salted? – Directly From The Chef’s Kitchen

For certain recipes, it is imperative to get the salted butter. For any unfortunate reasons if you are not able to get a hand on it, try this method.

Step 1:

Place your unsalted butter on the kitchen countertop to reach the room temperature. Once it becomes soft, transfer it to a bowl.

Step 2:

Add a little salt and mix it using a spatula. Blend thoroughly to get the desired consistency. On your personal wish, you can even taste it to find its saltiness.

In case, you found it less than desired. Add more salt and mix it well. (The ratio of salt to butter has been provided in the below section)

Step 3:

Here comes the very important final step-

Cover this bowl with a lid and keep it in the fridge. Depending on your requirement for food preparation, you can use it like salted butter.

No doubt, it is the ideal way to substitute unsalted butter for salted one.

Salt Calculator – How To Salt Unsalted Butter?

According to the US food department, the store-bought salted butter contains more than one teaspoon of salt for every pound of butter.


1.25 teaspoon of salt = 1 pound butter (it contains about 4% sodium)


1 US stick of butter (½ cup) = 24 US teaspoon

If you want to add salt to one stick of unsalted butter, you need almost one-fourth teaspoon of salt. Similarly, half tsp salt for 2 sticks, one tsp salt for 4 sticks and so on i.e.,

4 US sticks of butter = 1 teaspoon of salt


Typically, the ratio of salt to butter may vary a little from brand to brand. But the above-mentioned one tsp salt can be used for four ounces stick of butter.

I hope this information has cleared out how much salt to add to unsalted butter for the recipe.

How To Make Salted Butter At Home?

Interestingly, you can prepare the said ingredient at the comfort of your own kitchen. It only takes about 5 – 6 minutes for making homemade salted butter. And, this is the best salted butter substitute for store-bought products.

Steps To Prepare Homemade Butter

If you never found it easier, read this process and remove your misconceptions-

  • Pour cream into the bowl of a food processor
  • Run the machine for at most 5 minutes

You can see cream transform into whipped cream and then forms butter curd.

Once you see total cream has converted into butter curd, remove the bowl and knead it to squeeze out the buttermilk stored in its bottom.

In case, this consistency isn’t achieved yet. Continue the operation for the next two-three minutes until it completely turns into butter curd!

The Final Process

For removing the butter, use a spatula and transfer it into a container. You can add salt as per the calculation made in the above section. Now, store it in the refrigerator.

Some individuals also prefer wrapping the butter in a food-grade plastic before storing it.

For cleaning the machine, add some water and turn it on. This will help you in removing the residue from the nooks and crannies.


A stand mixer can also be used for making butter.

Apart from making the dough, it can successfully do the said process. As an added bonus, you can check the reviews for buying the best stand mixer from the market.

Bottom Line

So, there is no need to compromise on taste when you know how to make unsalted butter salted on demand.

Look at the jar of your stored salt and blend it with the butter to get the desired result!

Have any query about salt? Click here to know about sea salt and rock salt before eating your next food! Or else, you can also comment on the below box.

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